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How to Write a Bestseller and Feel Good While Doing It

by Roger Harris

Focus on what you want in your life, not on what you don't want.

Act as if it has already happened. Focus only on the end result. For example, “I have written and published the first in a series of self-help books sharing my knowledge, and I feel (insert emotion here, such as elated, powerful, satisfied, ‘on my way’).”  Repeat this practice often, feel imbued by its exhilaration, surf the blue-green waves of happiness and send any dark-eyed doubts packing.

Be not bashful – gleefully share the news with your loved ones and tell everyone you know of what you have begun to create.

Thoughts become things. Visualize the book gracing your mother’s proud coffee table, seeing its YouTube trailer go viral, or pitching the debut novel everyone is talking about on your favorite talk show.

As the saying goes, “It is not enough to stare up the ladder, one must take the first step,” so map out a game plan of action steps to bring your goal(s) to fruition and do them. Carry a symbolic reminder such as a crystal in your purse or wallet, tape notes on your bathroom mirror or photos of what will be, and BELIEVE it can happen.

You create your own universe as you go along. ~Winston Churchill

Thanks to Roger Harris, author of Double Take, who wrote this post on


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life

The Transition bookcoverThanks to guest interviewer and reviewer of The Transition Witness, Doryanne Wilkin, an artist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy practitioner.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull came into the world in 1970 as an anomaly. By the time Paulo Coehlo wrote The Alchemist in 1988, the new genre had a name: visionary fiction. And in the years since 1993, James Redfield proved it also had an audience; The Celestine Prophecy sold more than 20 million copies.

Now, a new author, Teresa Tsalaky, is helping visionary fiction come of age. She is showing that spiritual wisdom can be woven into a book that contains the best elements of literature: linguistic brio and a piercing look at the human condition.

The Transition Witness is an adventure in several worlds. There is the utopian world of the villages and the dystopian world of the dodecahedrons. There is also the interplay between the physical world and the metaphysical world beyond the veil of death. As the characters weave back and forth between these worlds, they journey toward their destinies – one to her redemption, and the other to his enlightenment.

Here, the author answers several questions about the book and her process of writing it.

Did you set out to write in the visionary fiction genre?

No. At the time, I had never even heard the term. As the story came out of my fingers and onto the page, I was a bit dismayed, because it sounded like science fiction, and that would not be my choice of a genre. But I knew it wasn’t really sci-fi. Last week, another author invited me to join the Visionary Fiction Alliance. I was so thrilled to learn that my book had a genre.

What can you tell us about the plot without spoiling it?

It’s about a woman whose job is to verify the deaths of people undergoing forced euthanasia. She’s a transition witness, and she hates herself for taking on that task. But she took the job because it would provide a way to escape the dodecahedron that covers the totalitarian society in which she lives. No one can survive outside the dodecs, because the weaponization of weather caused flash freezes and other severe weather events. But our protagonist will try, because for her, freedom is more important than life itself. Telling you what happens would spoil it, but I can say that through a series of adventures, she redeems herself and discovers her true purpose.

I heard that your writing process was a bit unusual. Tell us about it.

One morning, I offered a silent prayer, asking if any great author on the other side wanted to collaborate with me on a novel. The name Dante popped into my head. I then sat down at my iPad and wrote the first sentence that came to mind, and then the second sentence, and so on, until three chapters had finished themselves. Three months later, I wrote the last sentence, and tears came to my eyes, not because I had finished writing a novel, but because of what the main character had overcome and who she had become.

The writing has a style of its own. Was that you or Dante?

Well, first, I’m not saying that Dante wrote it. I may have simply tapped into my subconscious — that ninety percent of the brain that we rarely use. I’ve talked to other authors who use this same process. I jokingly call it “plot without thought.” As far as the use of the language goes, it’s definitely my style. As a kid, I wanted to be a poet when I grew up. Then I discovered you couldn’t make a living at that, so I went into journalism. But I’ve always woven elements of poetry into my writing, whether a hard news story, magazine article or now, this novel.

What is your favorite sentence from the book?

Of course, I like the book’s slogan: “Sometimes life begins after the last breath.” And I love the mantra that the main character uses to remember how to survive on the outside: “Wood burns. Roots nourish. Branches shelter. Leaves heal.” The very last sentence is my favorite, but I won’t spoil it. Mostly, I like the sentences that are poetic due to alliteration or meter or metaphor. Here’s one: “From far away, he must have looked like a spider’s prey, caught in a great iron web.”

Why did you publish independently?

I spent two decades in the newspaper industry, and for the last five years of it, I was the lonely voice predicting its demise. I see the exact same thing beginning to happen to traditional book publishing. Books and news will always be published, but one day, there will no longer be gatekeepers. There is now the opportunity for a very democratic process of readers choosing what’s newsworthy or what should gain best-seller status. I simply noticed that reality emerging.

Speaking of best-seller status, your book hit the top fifty in Amazon’s metaphysical fiction category two weeks after publication, and now it’s on a top-ten list. What advice do you have for other authors who want to successfully launch their independent novels?

Don’t be misled by the numbers. Getting to the top of a category does not always equate to stellar sales. But my advice would be these three things: Believe in your book. Never give up. Don’t follow the crowd; do something different. I almost got kicked off of Goodreads for doing something different, but it was worth the risk.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, because running a profitable business is what I do now, but I will keep writing even if it never pays off financially. I have to. I got that first taste of writer’s heroin, and now I’m hooked. Plus, we need to find out what happens to the character Gemini, don’t we?

The Transition Witness is available on Amazon Kindle.


Happy Reading!
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



Chakra Diet 3DSince publishing The Chakra Energy Diet in April, I’ve gotten great feedback on how it’s helped people to conquer stress, weight and self-esteem issues. Most of all, it’s helped them to pinpoint which of their chakras needed balancing – and how to go about it. I want you to experience that freedom as well, so as we come off Independence Day weekend, I’m offering the book FREE FOR DOWNLOAD, JULY 7 & 8 on Amazon Kindle (available to read on most any device).


Being overweight, unhappy or physically in pain are CLUES about which of your CHAKRAS, the energy centers in your body, are out-of-balance. Once you know what’s sabotaging your health and weight loss efforts, you can balance your diet with chakra healing foods to look and feel your best.

Part I of the book explains how we’re both psychologically and physically sabotaged by stress to overeat and crave sweets, and how GMOs, pesticides and refined sugar and other addictive ingredients in our “food” products further stress the body… in other words, it’s not your fault!

Part II offers clues and a quiz as to which of your chakras are most stressed, with suggestions on food choices and recipes, and balancing activities including yoga poses and other exercises for each chakra, so you can quickly move into balance.

Learn how to increase your energy, reach your optimal body weight, and be happier and healthier by using chakra healing foods, stress-busting techniques, yoga and exercise… start THE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET today.


A brilliant work for optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health

“The author did an excellent job in presenting a comprehensive set of information on balancing each chakra: first by examining the emotional components, then by providing the most desirable foods and meditation mantra pertinent to specific chakras, along with relevant yoga postures and exercises. Interesting recipes with pictures are added bonuses.

“Particularly interesting was the notion of letting go of self-criticism when it comes to the issue of weight. In essence, the author stresses the importance of re-establishing the relationship with ourselves by cultivating self-love, which is the basis of true healing.” ~ Susanna Eun

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life

2LTForhollywoodThe Last Teacher: Saints, Demons and Self-Discovery on the Spiritual Path by Michael L. Dales is at once a cautionary tale as well as an inspirational guide for those awakening to their spiritual journey.

Based on journals he kept while a devotee of Amma in India and The Great Healer in Bali, Dales writes an intriguing, honest, behind-the-scenes look at ashram life, following a guru, and both his good and difficult experiences seeking spiritual awakening.

I was especially inspired by his closing words that “anyone who earnestly chooses to embark on a spiritual journey – regardless of what they believe about themselves – can become a vessel for the Light that illuminates the world.” And the world needs Light Workers today more than ever.

The book intrigued me to ask Dales the following questions:

Dales1) Do you feel people need a guru to help them on their spiritual journey or can a person be their own best guru?

DALES: I believe that at different stages along the journey from the self to the Self, one needs a guru and at other times one needs to walk the path alone. Also, I feel that there are as many versions of the path of spiritual Awakening as there are souls. Each soul’s journey is unique. So, I would never suggest a “one size fits all approach” to spirituality. I would never recommend that everyone have a guru, or no one. To follow a teacher or not, to stay with a teacher or not, is between the individual and God. The path must be felt in one’s heart.

2) What are you doing now that you have left the ashrams behind?

DALES: Surfing… ha ha. To be serious, I am writing and I am following a path of direct connection without any human intermediaries. It is just my Divine Beloved and me now. That’s what is working for me in the moment. I don’t recommend this path to anyone nor would I discourage anyone from following suit. I believe each individual must follow their heart whether or not they are following a guru, living in an ashram, or living an entirely secular life.

3) What specific spiritual truths do you hold fast to?

DALES: The greatest spiritual truth that I can grasp is that the Divine Source — That from which we all come — is Love. Love is our Source and is our ultimate goal.

The other truth is that the path of Awakening is an ongoing process of dissolving our blocks which hold us back from knowing the Supreme Self within.

4) What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

DALES: I hope that the reader will be inspired to follow her or his own unique path to the indwelling Divinity. Perhaps those curious about the spiritual path will get a taste of it and become inspired to follow their heart’s calling to find Divinity. Maybe other readers will read about the mistakes I made and make different choices. Maybe some on the path will be reinvigorated in their quest for Awakening. In truth, I felt called to write this book, which may mean it serves some purpose beyond any that I have in mind.

5) What advice do you have for others who have inspiration to share?

DALES: Please share it. Write it. Blog it. Talk about it. Sing about it. Whatever. When I was a kid, I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. That book inspired me in a way that few other things in life did. It served as a window onto the spiritual path and alerted me to the possibility of exploring different levels of consciousness. Yogananda shared his experiences and it helped me and countless others who were interested in the spiritual path. Sharing your experiences can help others, sometimes in unexpected ways. For example, even though I am not a cook, I read the autobiography of a chef and I was moved by his frank depiction of his life in the restaurants of New York. That inspired me when I sat down to write The Last Teacher. I doubt that the chef would have ever expected his book to inspire someone writing a spiritual memoir, but it did. So, I feel that if you have something to share then share it. You don’t know how it may expand consciousness for others, but it just might. Sharing your experiences can alter the consciousness of others. What you have to say can be a valuable gift to a world.

The Last Teacher is available on in both Kindle and print versions.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life

9781629010076 cov.inddA Soft Landing came to me when I needed it most – in facing illness in my family. Stacey Blake’s memoir of dealing with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is filled with miracles of faith, love and peace. Her story includes visitations by angels, a near-death experience, accounts of her years of life-and-death medical treatments, all interspersed with a page-turning story of her personal life and her career as the co-founder of a successful business.

Even before her diagnosis of CML, Blake was on a spiritual path that she believes not only saved her life, but her mind and that of her family. When she needed a sign to have faith, often a feather would appear, which she described as her sign that God and her angels were near, and to not fear, no matter what.

For Blake, prayer helped her fear dissolve, her exhaustion abate, and her choices become clearer on how to handle the trials life put in her path. After much prayer, Blake saw miracles appear. “The feeling of being all alone for me has completely gone from my consciousness. That is by far, in and of itself, the greatest, most enduring gift,” she writes.

We’ve all pondered the age-old question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Answers range from stress as the cause of illness to past-life karma. When Blake’s husband Tom questioned why she fell ill, Stacey asked, “If we believe that illness comes as a teacher, (and I do), then maybe, the lesson is not only for me…but for you as well? Maybe there is something God has in mind for you specifically and I am the facilitator of this lesson, meant for you, because we love each other so much?”

This is just one example of the many touching and thought-provoking ideas presented in A Soft Landing. Another, one of the favorite themes in my own books, is that LOVE HEALS ALL.

BlakeAuthor Stacey Blake kindly answers my questions here:

1) Angels play a large part in your spiritual evolution. Are they here for all of us, even those who don’t hear voices or see signs such as feathers?

Blake: Angels are here for all humans/souls, everyone. They are here in loving service as directed by our creator/God. No matter one’s faith, lack of faith, religion, intellect, or financial status – everyone, at birth, is gifted with a special guardian angel. For some, they may have many angels. Angels come and go during trying difficult times, times of great joy, or when a soul needs to be supported for special work that they may be doing, etc. Always, always though, there is one personal guardian angel for each of us who never leaves our side while we are here on earth.

As to signs from Angels…Angels respond to a soul’s vibration. One of the most important truths as to spiritual growth is to learn calmness and self-discipline. Souls that have strong emotional outbursts, and wildly charged feelings, are like thunderstorms. Angels cannot come close when this occurs. So they withdraw…pull back, but never, ever leave.

Suffering does soften a soul. And when this happens, the mental pursuit of answers falls back a bit, and the heart opens. When that happens, a soul can become very receptive to their Angel’s loving messages, and if one is most fortunate, one may hear their Angel’s voice, or receive signs that they are near. Such as the finding of feathers. Or the smell of a loved one’s cologne or cooking, like a grandmother or a friend who may have passed and who may be in heaven. Subtle signs that confirm “we are never alone.” Or one may hear their name, or they feel a presence ever so softly…these kinds of events. Over time, when willed and or strongly desired from the heart and for the right reasons, it can grow.

Most especially, as a soul begins to become aware and conscious of their actions and are themselves “walking in the light,” the Angels can draw near. How to achieve this? Be truly kind, (as often as you can), be loving, helpful, calm, controlled, surrendered and accepting…to the will of the Almighty. Try not to fight so hard when faced with challenges. It is all good!!!

2) Do you feel stress (especially from your job) contributed to your illness, or do you think it was just part of God’s plan for you?

Blake: Yes, I do believe that a combination of both is true for me. Stress, extreme stress at times was the trigger for my leukemia, but also too, I am very certain the Universe, God, wanted for me to begin a new chapter in my life. I had learned all that I needed to in running a business for the many years that I did. I was tested and tried in many various ways, and I believe that through steadfast purpose, integrity, and commitment, I completed all that I was meant to be in that role.

I firmly believe that “light-workers” alive on earth today must work and be a part of the human condition – the world as it is. They must become the politicians, the business-people, the janitors, the teachers, the neighborhood Moms, all of them. We must conquer being on this earth, through its trials and sufferings, and we must hold God and his love, within us at all times. That is where our strength comes from. That is His purpose I believe for us. To find this “consciousness,” maybe even we can call it the “Christ Consciousness,” which is a universal state of being – having nothing at all to do with religion, or dogma, but it is a state…a frame of being, always or at all times…that allows us to be free from the duality and suffering that we see. Allowing HIM, HER, IT to be by our side through it all. THAT which is and will always be…our creator God. The source of all energy, everywhere, through all the worlds.

3) What specific spiritual truths do you hold fast to?

Blake: I believe that we are safe! That God’s love for us all is all that is real and that we are at our strongest when we walk free and away from fear.  This takes a long time for a soul to accept, but once it does, it is forever changed. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within the heart. And there courage, faith and deep joy resides. We begin to understand that our trials and tests have a purpose and that life is not chaotic. Every soul has it within themselves to be a master and to have freedom from the ties that bind the soul to desperation and depression. Baby steps….

4) What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

Blake: What I hope most that people take from my book is that when you hold God, and his Angels deep inside your heart, one will walk in the truth and knowledge, (everyday), that ALL is well. With this knowledge in hand, a soul – when life’s tests come – when the initiations are at hand, you (who in your heart of hearts) “trusts”…that only good can and will come from these experiences, are surrendered…to the will of the Almighty. These are the times that lead to the deepest peace and joy possible.

5) What advice do you have for others who have inspiration to share?

Blake: Begin in any way that feels right. Help your neighbors, your local shelter for animals, hold a meet-up group in your home, write, lecture, aid those around you who are ill or are depressed, confused and alone. When you hear the calling – respond in the ways and manner you feel most comfortable. Baby steps. It is always the little things that move me the deepest. It is said that if you “shout from the mountain tops – but no one below hears you, then you are wasting your breath.” I believe actions speak louder than words. I also believe that words can get in the way.

The “glamour” of the world…the “image of things and of people”…can lead a soul down a long, winding, nowhere path. The heart of any truth lies often in the results of how something or some act makes you feel. If you feel…good, strong, happy and at peace, then this path is right for you.

A Soft Landing is available on in both print and Kindle editions.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life

61cuvi4BMYLAre you ready to live a life filled with vitality and joy in the never-ending playground of the universe? Then you’ll want to pick up The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You. Susanna Eun and Simon Kim share the empowering message that we can all find the Creator within ourselves and, therefore, we have unlimited potential to create any reality we desire.

Susanna Eun, an energy healer from New Jersey, was looking for answers to the core questions: Who and What Am I? She found them in the writings of Korean Simon Kim. What was the message of Kim’s teaching? That humans are the representation of the ultimate Creator in human form and that living one’s life as the Creator, whether we use the term God, Christ, or Buddha, is the only solution to end the pain and suffering in the world.


This fascinating book assures us that life as we know it is simply a by-product of the illusions and stories we have created with our thoughts. Instead of existing only in the very small frame of reference of the reality within which we live, we have the capacity to be much greater beings.

What is the nature of our true Self once we wake up from the world of dreams and illusions? In questions and answers with Eun, Kim explains that “the person you used to accept as yourself is actually an avatar that experiences only a part of your true Self on this planet in this lifetime.”

Because we are all part of the “Creator,” our desires will turn into realities if we truly put all our effort into it. In this way, the authors explain the “Law of Attraction,” and instruct the reader to declare, “I am someone with unlimited potential and endless possibilities.” We naturally become the ones we accept and acknowledge ourselves to be.

Unless we are awakened to our true nature, the world will continuously reflect what we perceive ourselves to be – human beings with limitation and shortcomings.


The answer given in this book is surprisingly simple: Change your perspective on who you think you are. Let go of the old stories and limiting beliefs and embrace your power to create the life of your choosing… regarding the world as your canvas and living your daily life as if you are painting a masterpiece. It can help to view yourself as the epicenter of the whole universe, say the authors, instead of from the perspective of your physical body.

How can you live life to the fullest? The authors suggest:

  • Simply accepting the whole world and everyone in it as they are, without any interpretations.
  • Establishing the best possible relationships with all beings in all situations.
  • Offering gratitude whenever possible and witnessing how the quality of your life increases.
  • Living in the present moment and letting go of your past and future.

If you have been living inside a dream, scripting endless sad stories, firmly believing you knew who you were, you may want to practice the “STOP” Meditation offered in the book, to stop all mental activities and focus on who and what is behind all your decisions and choices. The result can be a deep and abiding peace as you remember that you are complete and perfect to begin with.

closeup3 (3)Here, co-author Susanna Eun, an alternative healer whose specialties include acupuncture, Eastern and Western nutrition, and other energy healing techniques, answers my questions:

1) How did you collaborate with Simon Kim? In addition to translating his book, how much did you add to The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You?

Eun: I first read about his work in some spiritual publications. After I was convinced of the originality, authenticity, and truthfulness of his work, I went over to Korea to meet him in person.

The original work published in Korean was way too complicated and heavy, hence I had to rewrite the entire book to make it more readable and explainable. I had to cut out a lot of deep Buddhist philosophies; I also added quite bit of texts on creationism, theory of evolution, the guidelines of meditation, all of which were not included in the original texts. Simon Kim entrusted me with the entire process.

2) What one precept inspired you so much that you took on the endeavor of sharing Kim’s work?

Eun: Everything I had learned and practiced prior to encountering Simon Kim’s teaching did NOT provide enough voltage to break through the veils of relativity and duality. He had something extraordinary to offer – his teachings were so dramatically different, simple and revolutionary compared to any other spiritual teachings I was exposed to. His teachings had an exact formula to end unnecessary suffering for myself and others.

3) What do you hope readers will take away from the book?

Eun: I hope most readers will experience a tectonic shift of consciousness in terms of what they consider themselves to be. The sense of self we all have – our physical bodies, our minds filled with thoughts, emotions, hopes and memories, and all other social-economic data capture only a small portion of our entire being. Deep in our consciousness, we all possess an incredibly large, deep, and spacious SOMETHING which can only  be described as the Christhood, Buddhahood, or Godhood.  Unless one realizes that this Christhood, Buddhahood is our real essence (i.e, True Self), we can never ever experience the total freedom, joy, and happiness which is our birth right.

Personally, I believe it is the perfect time for humankind to evolve into higher beings. Haven’t we experienced enough pain and suffering in the world of limitations, dogmas and rules? Love and compassion are just meaningless words unless enough of us are awakened to our true status.

The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You is available on or, for more information, see


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



Chakra Diet 3DTHE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET: The Right Food, Relaxation, Yoga & Exercise to Look and Feel Your  Best!  is reviewed here by guest blogger Marya Mann, PhD, an author, Quantum Creativity Therapist and co-founder of the Loom of Love, a Center for Conscious Arts located in West Hawaii, on the Big Island:

From first tasty bite to the last, Becca Chopra’s vibrant new book is a feast for the senses, a square meal for the cells and a juicy delight for the higher mind. Fun, nutritious and colorful! And for dessert? She serves healing visualizations that help us set the table for zesty living where food is medicine, meals are celebrations, and  honoring food is a meditation on achieving your full potential.

In short, in Chopra’s book, the supreme yoga is a culinary art.

But the book is not just for yogis. Chopra says people who struggle with seesaw dieting, self-love, relationship, success and prosperity issues can find clues to chakra imbalances in these life problems. “You can thank your body,” she writes, “for giving you the clues you need to reach for your perfect self.”

Connecting the dots between the energy source of problems and the behaviors that either help or hinder their resolution, Chopra offers simple, fun lifestyle solutions to reverse the disease-ridden trends of modern dining. Color-coding foods to reflect desired energy states, yoga poses to stimulate vitality, and affirmations to affirm your True Self are easy to find and use in the well-organized book designed to help you “feed your chakras with high quality energy.”

Part I highlights the saboteurs of your health and weight that you need to avoid. Stress and pushing down uncomfortable emotions are two of the main menaces, but sugar, GMO foods, saturated fats and MSG all warrant abstinence. In Part II, you learn to identify if a chakra is out of balance and exactly what to do about it. “Eating a rainbow of colors is important to keep the chakras balanced,” explains Chopra.

Besides specific food combinations, exercises and yoga postures, undemanding suggestions like incorporating light exercise after a meal – “aiding your digestion as well as lightening your stress load” – are included.

I have long admired the natural spirit and articulate science in Becca Chopra’s work. Her previous books – The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets, and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life – show an uncommon nuance and perspective in her ability to communicate the power of subtle energies in concrete terms. Now, her passionate, clear aesthetic shows how one can make an art out of eating and make food for the soul out of art.

Together with brilliant color photos, Chopra’s text arouses the hunger for good food, not empty calories, making this one of my favorite kitchen books, almost good enough to eat!


All proceeds from sales of the book in the following week are going to “Feed the Children,” connecting children in need with healthy food from local organic farmers. Find It now! THE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET is available on Amazon Kindle at

For more information on Becca Chopra’s work, see Buy the book and get FREE bonus meal plans for each chakra.

Reviewer Marya Mann is co-author of Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves. Dr. Marya has over 50 state-of-the-art tools that clear old “tapes,” dissolve pain and have you visioning your best future immediately. Also Advanced Micro-Nutrition, Energy Balancing and Life Coaching and can be reached at


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



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