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For those looking for a gift idea for their loved ones or for themselves for Valentine’s Day, The Chakra Diaries provides the answer.

The Chakra Diaries is a novel collection of connected life stories that entertain while inspiring the reader with the power of love.

The book begins with Rebecca explaining, “I never promised a road map to miracles. Yet, the men and women in my chakra workshop came seeking to find romance and riches, remove the hurt of past betrayals, fight depression and even beat death.” As the facilitator, she witnesses miracles and magic, twists and turns she never expected in herself or the others. The book ends with her own quest for love with the one person who may damn her forever. Because of her humanity, she tends to love too much and overstep all the conventional boundaries, but she stirs her students at levels where they can discover themselves too and find truth, passion and everlasting love.

Reviewer Marya Mann, PhD, writes, “The Chakra Diaries is new age fiction you’ll cherish for its wisdom as much as for its drama and sensuality. It is such a fantastic read, full of passion, sensuality, humor and great teachings. The antagonist in The Chakra Diaries is an amalgam of lost love and false beliefs, and it is these perilous obstacles that drive the book and make the ending, the soul of the story – showing love never dies – all the more uplifting.”

The print version and Kindle versions of The Chakra Diaries are available on Purchasers of The Chakra Diaries are eligible for a free MP3 download of Becca Chopra’s “Chakra Meditations from The Chakra Diaries” featuring the beautiful music of Aryeh David from his “Love’s Whisper” CD. Forward your receipt for the book from Amazon to and you will be given a link to download the MP3, and be mailed a “Happy Valentine’s Day” card featuring the beautiful Chakra Heart artwork from the cover of the novel.

People can also enter to win a Valentine’s Day Giveaway which includes an autographed, first edition copy of The Chakra Diaries and Valentine’s Day gift cards. For more details, see






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