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Dear Becca,
Like Deborah in your book, The Chakra Diaries, I feel dried up, my partner looks at every woman but me, what can I do?
In a Funk

Dear Friend,
You can go from funky to femme fatale with just a little balancing of your chakras. The second or sacral chakra governs our sexuality and passion. Let’s start with your passion for life in general – everyone is attracted to someone who flirts with life and glows with love for themselves as well as others. Do you judge the way you look unkindly? Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are, just the way you are. And move through life letting that beauty emanate from you. The second chakra is about movement and flow. Go for a swim or dance around the house. Stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground as you listen to music you love and let Mother Earth’s energy fill you. Breathe it up from the center of the Earth. Embrace the feminine, celebrate it.

When your second chakra is balanced, breathe in the energy of the bright yellow sun to fill your personal power center, the third or solar plexus chakra. Radiate self-confidence out into the world. Don’t be jealous of others’ charms, compliment them. Once you feel filled with love and joy, believe me, your partner will want to tap into that. The more love you give out, the more you will receive.

For a more in-depth chakra balancing, listen to this free Chakra Meditation from The Chakra Diaries.
Becca Chopra

Comments on: "HOW TO KEEP PASSION ALIVE" (2)

  1. Thanks so much for the sage advice Becca. I believe that all of the behaviors and “calls to action” that you list are equally applicable to the male side of the relationship too. So I am going to practice what you preach and will fill you in on the steamy details as they unfold.
    Chester in Cheshire

    • Thanks Roger, I think that we can all use a little help keeping the fires burning sometimes, whether they are fueled by a relationship with a significant other, a co-worker, a child or our chosen vocation. As with many things, its so much easier to decide what others should do than taking a long hard look at ourselves.
      namaste and please visit again!

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