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There are many mind-body healing tools available today, but the Dynamind Technique described in Serge Kahili King’s book, Healing for the Millions, gives the reader a self-help tool to use whenever any physical, emotional or mental problems or pain arise. Dr. King fully explains how he developed this system using ancient Hawaiian Huna healing processes in combination with the latest information available on energy healing. Then he takes you step-by-step so you can quickly learn how to put Dynamind into practice.

I took a weekend workshop with Dr. King to learn about Dynamind, but the readers of this book will benefit from all the information I was given plus more. This book includes feedback from healers around the world who have been using Dynamind to help teach people to overcome everything from back pain to tinnitus.

The basic technique is simple, yet profound, using words, motion and breath. First you say, “I have a problem and it can change. I want the problem to go away.” Then, you tap on four different points on the body, then take a deep breath. There are variations, such as adding extra words and symbols, that can also be added to the basic technique.

Serge Kahili King teaching the Dynamind tapping technique.

Dr. King explains the Hawaiian Huna philosophy — that all dis-ease or imbalance is a result of tension in the body — and how Dynamind works to relieve the pain caused by stress.

Since stress is an unbalancing force, I’ve applied Dynamind to chakra healing and balancing and find it works much quicker and is easier to learn than similar systems such as Energy Freedom Technique (EFT). For an example of how to use Dynamind to heal your seven chakras, you can download a preview from my upcoming novel, called Chakra Secrets.

Whether you feel stressed out physically, emotionally or mentally, whether your pain is in your heart or your head, it’s worth reading this book to find out how Dynamind has already helped heal millions and can help heal you.

Dr. King’s book is available on as well as on his website,


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries



  1. Just finished Anita Moorjani’s “Dying To Be Me” in one sitting. Read a review of “Heaven Is For Real,” an account of a child who had a NDE, and it sounds really sweet. That will be my next read.

    Just wondering if this is tacky for me to ask, but would you would have any interest in reviewing my inspirational book? Non-fiction, I’ve simply entitled it “Inspirational Messages” and published it on the Kindle platform.

    I love it and think others seeking inspiration will love it, too, but then I’m biased.

    Thanks to Amazon’s apps for PC and Mac, anyone can read a Kindle book on his or her computer, as I’m sure you know.

    The free PC app is here:

    The free Mac app is here:

    Other than writing a blog post about your site and including links to your site, not sure what I could do for you in return for your review.

    Still, if you’re at all interested in reading and reviewing my book, I’d be happy to provide you with a copy of the manuscript, or pay for your copy at Amazon. You can find it here:

    My email is clyo(at)

    Thanks so much for your consideration, and God Bless. Clyo

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