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Jeannie Ruman has shared her intimate connection with nature and nature spirits in this beautiful book, Window Into Nature. After reading it, I will never be able to walk in the forest or by the seashore without feeling a connection with the glory all around me, without seeing the faces of the spirits in the trees and mountains and rocks. Jeannie’s book is entertaining as well as informative, as she explains her way of communication with nature as an entry for everyone’s own abilities to communicate with nature and finer realities.

Jeannie is a poet and she sprinkles the interesting stories of her adventures as a nature guide with prose that reminds us to care for the earth and remember that everything in nature is alive, aware and responsive. As she says in her poem, Nature’s Call, “Open your eyes and answer the call, to the wonder of life awaiting us all. Open your heart to the treasures of life. Let nature surround you in magical flight…”

The photographs range from the beautiful Stargate on the cover, to the Lady of the Forest and the White Lady Goddess appearing in a wave on Kauai, to Greeting Trees in Sequoia National Park and Teaching Trees in Muir Woods. You’ll be inspired to pick up your own camera to see nature spirits and fairies appearing to communicate with you.

Author Jeannie Ruman is a Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healing Therapist and Shaman Healer. She has taken all of her training and experiences, focusing them on healing with nature and the nature people.

For more information on her photographs, writing and a companion Window Into Nature DVD, visit


Becca Chopra, author of  The Chakra Diaries

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