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I’m happy to announce that CHAKRA SECRETS is now available in paperback as well as Kindle. To celebrate the launch, we’re making a special offer you won’t want to miss.

CHAKRA SECRETS: ON THE PATH TO LOVE AND HAPPINESS shares my sizzling personal story as well as the “secret” Huna healing technique that can be used to balance and tone your chakras. It’s called Dynamind. And, believe me, after reading my book, you’ll also want to use it to balance your chakras and balance your life.

Here’s what one reader recently wrote on
“Becca Chopra’s scintillating memoir centers on a love lost that mysteriously reappears. Her story not only offers drama, sex, past-life connections, betrayals, how-to info on Kundalini rising and Tantric Sex, but all the lessons she’s learned as she adopts the path of yoga. Her insights into chakra healing are deep and profound, and if you’re too caught up in the action to take notice of them, she outlines her most important new chakra balancing secret in Part II of this book. Whether you want to be intrigued or inspired, learn Becca’s secrets in this sensational tome.” ~ Jenny, NYC

BONUS VIDEO OFFER: During launch week, starting today, anyone who purchases CHAKRA SECRETS (either paperback or Kindle versions) and emails me a copy of their Amazon receipt, will receive a link to download my new video, BALANCE & TONE YOUR CHAKRAS. You can follow along with me as I learn Dynamind from Serge Kahili King, Ph.D., the developer of this “instant healing” technique and a renowned author and teacher of the Hawaiian Huna philosophy.

How can you relieve pain, emotional distress, problems, and strengthen your chakras for increased financial security, improved sex life, self-esteem, relationships, communications, intuition and inspiration? In the video, I take you step-by-step in how to use the simple yet profound Dynamind technique to relieve pain and problems, and then to do Dynamind Toners to keep your chakras balanced.

1) Purchase CHAKRA SECRETS at and forward a copy of your email receipt to

2) You’ll receive a link to a streaming video of BALANCE & TONE YOUR CHAKRAS (a $29.99 value).

This offer if only good until September 19th, so Buy Now at .

Becca Chopra, author of Chakra Secrets and The Chakra Diaries

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