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61cuvi4BMYLAre you ready to live a life filled with vitality and joy in the never-ending playground of the universe? Then you’ll want to pick up The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You. Susanna Eun and Simon Kim share the empowering message that we can all find the Creator within ourselves and, therefore, we have unlimited potential to create any reality we desire.

Susanna Eun, an energy healer from New Jersey, was looking for answers to the core questions: Who and What Am I? She found them in the writings of Korean Simon Kim. What was the message of Kim’s teaching? That humans are the representation of the ultimate Creator in human form and that living one’s life as the Creator, whether we use the term God, Christ, or Buddha, is the only solution to end the pain and suffering in the world.


This fascinating book assures us that life as we know it is simply a by-product of the illusions and stories we have created with our thoughts. Instead of existing only in the very small frame of reference of the reality within which we live, we have the capacity to be much greater beings.

What is the nature of our true Self once we wake up from the world of dreams and illusions? In questions and answers with Eun, Kim explains that “the person you used to accept as yourself is actually an avatar that experiences only a part of your true Self on this planet in this lifetime.”

Because we are all part of the “Creator,” our desires will turn into realities if we truly put all our effort into it. In this way, the authors explain the “Law of Attraction,” and instruct the reader to declare, “I am someone with unlimited potential and endless possibilities.” We naturally become the ones we accept and acknowledge ourselves to be.

Unless we are awakened to our true nature, the world will continuously reflect what we perceive ourselves to be – human beings with limitation and shortcomings.


The answer given in this book is surprisingly simple: Change your perspective on who you think you are. Let go of the old stories and limiting beliefs and embrace your power to create the life of your choosing… regarding the world as your canvas and living your daily life as if you are painting a masterpiece. It can help to view yourself as the epicenter of the whole universe, say the authors, instead of from the perspective of your physical body.

How can you live life to the fullest? The authors suggest:

  • Simply accepting the whole world and everyone in it as they are, without any interpretations.
  • Establishing the best possible relationships with all beings in all situations.
  • Offering gratitude whenever possible and witnessing how the quality of your life increases.
  • Living in the present moment and letting go of your past and future.

If you have been living inside a dream, scripting endless sad stories, firmly believing you knew who you were, you may want to practice the “STOP” Meditation offered in the book, to stop all mental activities and focus on who and what is behind all your decisions and choices. The result can be a deep and abiding peace as you remember that you are complete and perfect to begin with.

closeup3 (3)Here, co-author Susanna Eun, an alternative healer whose specialties include acupuncture, Eastern and Western nutrition, and other energy healing techniques, answers my questions:

1) How did you collaborate with Simon Kim? In addition to translating his book, how much did you add to The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You?

Eun: I first read about his work in some spiritual publications. After I was convinced of the originality, authenticity, and truthfulness of his work, I went over to Korea to meet him in person.

The original work published in Korean was way too complicated and heavy, hence I had to rewrite the entire book to make it more readable and explainable. I had to cut out a lot of deep Buddhist philosophies; I also added quite bit of texts on creationism, theory of evolution, the guidelines of meditation, all of which were not included in the original texts. Simon Kim entrusted me with the entire process.

2) What one precept inspired you so much that you took on the endeavor of sharing Kim’s work?

Eun: Everything I had learned and practiced prior to encountering Simon Kim’s teaching did NOT provide enough voltage to break through the veils of relativity and duality. He had something extraordinary to offer – his teachings were so dramatically different, simple and revolutionary compared to any other spiritual teachings I was exposed to. His teachings had an exact formula to end unnecessary suffering for myself and others.

3) What do you hope readers will take away from the book?

Eun: I hope most readers will experience a tectonic shift of consciousness in terms of what they consider themselves to be. The sense of self we all have – our physical bodies, our minds filled with thoughts, emotions, hopes and memories, and all other social-economic data capture only a small portion of our entire being. Deep in our consciousness, we all possess an incredibly large, deep, and spacious SOMETHING which can only  be described as the Christhood, Buddhahood, or Godhood.  Unless one realizes that this Christhood, Buddhahood is our real essence (i.e, True Self), we can never ever experience the total freedom, joy, and happiness which is our birth right.

Personally, I believe it is the perfect time for humankind to evolve into higher beings. Haven’t we experienced enough pain and suffering in the world of limitations, dogmas and rules? Love and compassion are just meaningless words unless enough of us are awakened to our true status.

The Seed of Christ/Buddha Within You is available on or, for more information, see


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



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