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About Becca Chopra

Chakra Diet 3D

I am a holistic health and nutritional counselor, yoga and meditation instructor and author of The Chakra Diaries and Chakra Secrets, inspirational memoirs, and the self-help books, Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life and The Chakra Energy Diet.

I’m also an avid reader and editor of other inspirational books, both novels and non-fiction, and love to share them on Becca’s Inspirational Book Blog.

I was inspired by a collection of Zen short stories to start my first book on the healing power of love, through the lens of my expertise, the chakras. When not reading, writing, editing or doing yoga, I work as an environmental activist, and try to enjoy each moment with my husband and baby in beautiful Hawaii. I also blog about Chakra Balancing.

Please check out my free Chakra Meditations from The Chakra Diaries. Read more about my work and Chakra Chatter at


Becca Chopra

Comments on: "About Becca Chopra" (3)

  1. This article is a home run, pure and slipme!

  2. Hi, Becca, I just discovered your blog and like the titles I see. I’ve been channeling the creative force and healing energy of the universe since age 15 – a long time ago. I took a “chakra psychology” course with Sri Batnagar way back in 1979 and have been taking people into other lifetimes since 1980. My book, Journals of a Healer, is awaiting approval of the last illustration and then off to the publisher. Exciting times!

    I’m looking forward to your blogs.


    • I’d love to review your book – let me know when it’s available. If you’ve been “taking people into other lifetimes” you may also be interested in my soon-to-be-published memoir, CHAKRA SECRETS (still with my editors at, which contains chakra healing of past life issues.

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