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The Unity Oracle: Review and Author Interview

Unity Oracle coverThe Unity Oracle: A spiritual adventure to save the world is truly an action adventure novel that takes you on a page-turning ride into spiritual awakening. The tale begins with a geologist, Jason, in the Artic Tundra, where he finds the Earth’s energy strong and alive… and his search for precious metals becomes more of a search for his soul.

In an area of high energetic magnitude, surrounded by crystal rock on Chevron Mountain, he enters a portal where he sees translucent visions of people, geometric shapes and symbols, and learns from an Inuit Elder that he is about to begin his karmic path. He will be assisted on this path by many spirit guides and helpers including a gold octahedron, an East Indian Yogi, a Hindu couple, two Madonnas, a Polynesian goddess, and a Native American Indian Chief.

Jason undergoes phenomenal mystical experiences as he travels around the world to spiritual communities such as the Findhorn Foundation and Oneness University. Along the way, he learns much, often putting himself through pain and peril, e.g., when he proves: “Most fear is not even real and the only way to understand that is to step into it.”

Step into it he does, and we grow along with Jason as his wild spiritual adventure encompasses finding 7 golden triangles in mysterious ways that reflect his personal growth and finally combine to become a golden octahedron, The Unity Oracle, that can bring love and healing to our world.

Along the way, Jason undergoes out-of-body experiences, release of entities and primordial emotions, kundalini rising, communicating with angelic beings, accurate premonitions, bilocation, the use of animal totems, visualization and the art of manifestation. Take the ride with Jason through his spiritual boot camp and you too will envision a possible future of beauty, with the Great Spirit working with the Earth and its people.

Joseph D. Drumheller is a spiritual healer and geologist, living on transecting ley lines in the evergreen state of Washington, USA. He describes himself as an international man of mystery, who when he’s not at home writing about the Adventure, is out living it. Here, he answers my questions about The Unity Oracle.

Becca: In general, how much of your book comes from your own personal experiences? 

Joseph: The Unity Oracle is about 20% pure fiction. I’ve lived the rest of it. The inspiration behind the book comes from mystical experiences I’ve had in Alaska, Findhorn, Oneness University and other places in Nature. I’ve also sprinkled in a little wisdom from what I’ve learned through relationships and the internal world of healing.

Becca: Your protagonist, Jason, faces some dangerous, disorienting episodes. Is that par for the course in spiritual awakening?

Joseph: I’m not sure. I don’t know what other people go through. Everyone’s spiritual awakening is a customized gift from the Divine. No two are alike, so it’s best not to compare. The disorienting and dangerous awakenings Jason experiences are a reflection of my own. I’m an Aries. We tend to hit head first.

Becca: What message do you hope readers take away from your book?

Joseph: My first aspiration was to paint a positive vision of the future. We’re in rapidly changing times with uncertainty looming on the horizon. We’re also in an unparalleled time of spiritual awakening. I wanted to combine global spiritual growth with a somewhat realistic outcome. It’s really an adventure about hope.

Becca: On Jason’s adventure, what main spiritual truths are conveyed?


  1. Suffering. Suffering is a result of suppressed pain that gets locked into the subconscious mind. When that happens, pain repeats.
  2. Healing. Suppressed emotion can be healed in meditation. When that’s done, repeating patterns of pain stop.
  3. Relationships. Close connections with people act as mirrors designed to accelerate personal growth. Marriage is the best example.
  4. AwakeningWhen suppressed emotion is healed, it opens the doors to spiritual awakenings. That’s when someone evolves from the understanding of a higher power to the experience of it.
  5. Union. When two people are independently awakened, they can form a bond of spiritual union, which goes beyond the physical and emotional aspects of most ‘normal’ relationships.
  6. Power. When someone is spiritually awakened, they can begin to align their will with the Divine. That creates the dynamics of flow, synchronicity and developing skills that transcend the physical world.
  7. Synergy. Synergy is the exponential multiplier effect applied to spirituality (i.e., the tipping point). Through collective consciousness and intent, we can change the world.

Becca: What is your vision of the Divine?

Joseph: Unfortunately, I’m not a visionary seer or a psychic. That means I don’t see God. I’m a feeler. My connection to a higher power is through a developed level of sensitivity. To me, it feels like electricity running through my body.

Becca: How would you suggest someone approach their desire for spiritual awakening?

Joseph: Aggressively and with their whole heart.  Go for it.

Becca: Do you have a continuing spiritual practice?

Joseph: I meditate daily, but my personal experience of Divine energy is greatly amplified when I work with other people in my healing sessions. It’s a type of synergy.

Becca: How does your non-fiction book, The Subconscious, The Divine and Me, relate to The Unity Oracle?

Joseph: They are more or less the same story. The Unity Oracle is an epic adventure of storytelling. The Subconscious, the Divine and Me is a how-to introduction to spirituality with lots of examples and case studies. Both cover similar aspects on the evolution of spiritual truths.

Joseph Drumheller’s books, The Unity Oracle and The Subconscious, the Divine and Me, are available on Amazon.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets, Balance Your Chakras-Balance Your Life, and The Chakra Energy Diet

Sacred Sexuality and the Divine Feminine

Sacred SexualitySacred Sexuality – Reclaiming the Divine Feminine by A’ra Blair is a memoir/self-help book for any and all women (and men who want to know more about the heart and soul of women too). A’ra is brutally honest in recounting her own journey into embracing the Divine Feminine within herself, and she offers thoughtful journaling suggestions and exercises at the end of each chapter to help the reader do the same. Whether you need to overcome abuse, trauma, depression, or are just feeling less than “Divine,” this book will spring you forward into new realms of possibility in loving yourself, your partner and your life.

A’ra Blair is an accomplished Spiritual Life Coach and Counselor. Her 25 years of study and transformative work in spirituality, meditation, energy work, yoga, trauma resolution, quantum physics, relationship enhancement, and personal growth have prepared A’ra to live the qualities of the Divine Feminine in service to Humanity’s Wholeness.

1) What is the underlying message of your book?

A’ra: If I had to narrow it down to one sentence, I’d say it’s to find that deep self-love and self-acceptance that allows the full expression of who we are. Reclaiming the Divine Feminine is really about reclaiming who we are in our fullness, a union of our masculine and feminine essence. Both are needed to bring balance and connection into our lives at a deep level. Many of us have struggled with our sexuality in one sense or another and often shun, deny, or push into the shadows those parts of us with whom we feel ashamed or confused.

We have a hard time facing what it means to be sexual beings with Divine urges. We really haven’t had a model that holds our sexuality sacred. Yet Sacred Sexuality is our most intimate communion with the Divine. It’s a state that takes us beyond the physical realm of sex and orgasm to a connection with the deepest part of our being, our creative Source and life sustaining energy. In this depth lies a wholeness and love that transcends any transgression, doubt, or absurdity that exists in our human experience. This sacred union with Source heals and transforms our mind, body, and emotions. It releases the past and opens us to a supreme understanding of oneness, truth, and beauty.

Through intimacy with this inner Presence, transcendence occurs and life becomes a vehicle for the soul’s growth. When we reach this depth of understanding, everything in our experience becomes part of the sacred path of enlightenment. Everything! I guess you could say that’s the biggest message. Every part of our lives and our experiences are part of our sacred path, and we need to reclaim it all as holy.

A'ra Blair2) What inspired you to write the book?

A’ra: I’ve been on a spiritual path for many years and have studied many traditions. I had a rich, deep spiritual sense of my place in the world and the universe, but so much had happened to me around my sexuality, that even with that deep spiritual connection, I struggled facing parts of my experiences that weren’t so pleasant. When I started including the feminine in my exploration of the Divine I had a difficult time because I was raised with God as a man. I tried rephrasing all the masculine names and pronouns in order to really grasp that God was both masculine and feminine. However, it wasn’t until I actually called on the Goddess aspect of the Divine to show me what it means to know Spirit as both feminine and masculine that I got it. Something moved within me. It was like I was in the womb of the Goddess being birthed anew.

As I emerged, I felt this incredible sense of courage and commitment to do what it takes to live the qualities of the Divine Feminine in service to humanity’s wholeness. Right around that time I was invited to give a talk for Sacred Sisters, a woman’s support group. I’d been toying with the idea of creating a workshop around the Divine Feminine as an aspect of our Sacred Sexuality, so I threw it out to the Minister who ran the group. She loved it. The development and presentation of the workshop flowed. When I presented the first time, I felt like I was in the zone. I watched as women healed on so many different levels in so many different arenas. After I presented the workshop, these women wanted more. Longer, more in-depth workshops. While developing those, the book started writing itself through me. I went with the flow. When I Reclaimed the Divine Feminine, I fell madly and passionately in love with me.
3) What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

A’ra: I have three goals for what readers will take away:
First, The courage and confidence to fully express your beauty, your sensuality, your poise, your gifts and talents, and your power.
Second, The ability to embrace all of who you are as an authentic and unique expression of the Divine, even the not-so-pleasant choices, experiences, and traumas you may have had
Third, That you fall so deeply in unconditional love with yourself that no matter what anybody says to you or about you, no matter what anyone does to you, no matter how anyone shows up in relationship with you, you come so fully from self-love that you’re able to transform every experience into a loving experience.
4) Where do you find your inspiration to write?

A’ra: The practical sense is that it’s all around me. I read books and take classes on the topics I want to write about. I’ve been an avid journaler since my teen years. I love the feel of a pen in my hand, so writing is like walking to me. A song could inspire me or a life event, something in a speaker’s message, or an observation of someone having an extraordinary breakthrough. Most of my weekly blogs are on life events or circumstances, especially if it’s something that affects the collective. I also take classes on writing and use the tools that I’ve learned in my trade to do little writing assignments to get the juices running. That’s the practical side.

The metaphysical answer is that most of my inspiration comes from that still small voice. It’s not uncommon for the Divine to wake me up in the middle of the night with ideas that have to be written down or I’m not going to sleep or function. Since writing the book, my connection is even deeper, so the ideas and inspiration are constant. It’s hard to keep up. But I don’t have to. When I’m ready to write, I sit down and simply say on the page, “Okay, what do you want to write about?” I might pose some ideas to “wake inspiration up” so to speak, but then it flows. Oh and what a joy to watch this process unfold through me.

5) Was it hard or helpful to remember and recount the hardships you faced in your life?

A’ra: Both to the umpteenth degree. But, well worth it. It was difficult to face many of those experiences, knowing I was getting ready to put them out into the world. But if my story helps one person face her life and love it fully into wholeness, it was worth it. The best part of it is the catharsis it is. I feel so free and open to receive. I see now what a blessing every aspect of my life has been. What a wild and crazy ride, this thing called life. Even the most painful parts have now had an opportunity to leave my mind and body. To sit with me like a wounded friend, and I’ve been able to heal it all. This is my wish, hope, and dream for my readers. This type of cathartic experience into deep self-love.
6) Any advice for others who feel they have inspiration to share?

A’ra: Just start writing without any expectation that it has to become something. Write for you first. You are your best audience. Don’t be concerned with getting it perfect the first time. There are no great writers, only great re-writers. If you have a story to tell, with over seven billion people on the planet, I guarantee you that you have an audience that needs and wants to hear it. Writing is a gift and a curse. It’s an incredible experience to write a piece of inspiration and have that sense of “Wow, I wrote that!” But in the same breath, we writerly types tend to put our writing at the bottom of the priority list. We have so many other things we need to do and then it’s time for bed. We’re filled with ways to procrastinate. It’s part of being a writer. You have to step up your game and commit to writing on a weekly basis. And you can’t beat yourself up when you miss the mark. And don’t kid yourself. It’s not easy. But it is worth it! In a nutshell, never give up!

You can purchase A’ra Blair’s book at and read her blog at

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



Spiritual awakening happens when you are ready. If you are searching for answers to the meaning and purpose of your life, Kaasila’s new book may be the guide you are looking for. He does not tout any specific religion or dogma, but rather transcendence beyond the “dream world” of our emotions, thoughts and addictions, to an awareness of our spiritual nature… where we can experience the one universal awareness.

Kaasila takes you step by step, explaining how you are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts, you are not your roles, not your pain and suffering, not your body or your ego. Rather, he explains that we are spiritual beings inside a material dream, and how to grow the spiritual dimension in our lives.

I found reading this book a meditative experience in itself.
Namaste Sampo!
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

Forgive to Win

Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Counseling a client with this wise saying, she retorted, “Forgiveness is not a concept in my religion.” Well, we are all holding on to anger of one sort or another, against one parent or another, an ex-lover, ex-husband, ex-employer, etc., and the book, Forgive to Win by Walter E. Jacobson, M.D., explains fully and completely why it’s necessary and in our own best interests to let it go, whatever your beliefs.

There are many wonderful books on Forgiveness already on my bookshelf, but I welcomed this one because it lays out a structured daily program, it’s not just a philosophical treatise. The steps suggested help train ourselves to let go of self-sabotaging behavior and learn to love ourselves – by loving and forgiving others, no matter what they’ve done. Once our self-esteem is raised to the heights possible through self-love, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Forgiveness may seem like an easy task, but it’s not. And Dr. Jacobson guides the reader in how to forgive. His “Forgiveness Diet” is a unique set of recommendations to help us establish and maintain the 90-day commitment to acts of kindness and forgiveness that could literally change one’s life. He also includes Forgiveness Affirmations and Visualizations that I have already used to great benefit.

Looking at it from the vantage point of health, anger throws us off-balance and creates tension that can lead to chronic pain and disease. Forgiveness opens the floodgates of our body’s own healing energy, and keeps us grounded, alert, empowered and able to recognize opportunities for success.

The practice of forgiveness is one of the tools to opening the Heart Chakra, but many choose to hold onto their anger – feeling it gives them power, or will keep them from getting hurt again. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The last chapter of Forgive to Win is entitled, “Getting Everything You Want!” If you don’t already have it, it’s time to get this book.
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

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