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Spiritual Wisdom in A Light-Hearted, Entertaining Fable: Thaddeus Squirrel #BookReview and #AuthorInterview

thaddeus_squirrel_frontHow does passion lead to purpose? In Tom Rapsas’ new book, Thaddeus Squirrel: A Spiritual Fable, the main character realizes that working day and night foraging for acorns, more than he would ever need, is meaningless to him. He ends up running away from his tribe of squirrels as he’s not accepted for his difference of opinion. On his journey, he is gravely injured by a dog, then cared for by a group of chipmunks who have wisdom to share.

The chipmunk who saved his life, Sol, is a sage old guy who starts offering Thaddeus new questions to peruse and new ideas to consider… ultimately, that his life has meaning, and it’s up to him to find that meaning within himself.

Sol says, “I’m going to do more than tell you about the meaning of life. I’ll show you how to find it, first-hand… the meaning for you may be different than the meaning for me.” It takes time, but Thaddeus begins to learn to look within himself to find the spark of light, of wisdom, that is within us all.

Some of the wisdom Thaddeus learns:

“The things we love to do, are the things we are meant to do.”

“Your purpose almost never involves you alone, there will be others involved too.”

“Knowledge feeds the mind. Wisdom feeds the mind and every part of your being.”

          “Heaven is here now…Hell is here too. You choose your destination by how you live your life, the path you choose.”

While this book is written for a YA audience, I think readers of any age will be entertained by the story and inspired by the message and wisdom imparted in the book. For instance, how do you know when your inner voice is coming from intuition or from fear? “When it’s your intuition, you’ll know it in both your head and your heart.”

You can buy this book for your older children to read themselves or for you to read to your younger children. It will open up many topics for discussion, in a light-hearted way, that can help them find their true nature and passion in this life.


Who do you see as the audience for this book?

I first started writing this book as a fairy-tale for my 5-year old daughter, but ended up working on it, off and on, for over 10 years. As the years went by, the content and ideas within the book got deeper—to the point where the audience became teens and young adults. (My daughter is 17 now.) I think the book is a good introduction to spirituality for the 13-22 age group, though I believe its core messages are something that people of all ages can relate to.

Why did you choose chipmunks as teachers for the squirrel?

I think it relates to my own spiritual upbringing. I was raised as a strict Catholic and it was not until I was in my late-20s that I began to study the teachings and wisdom found in other religions and faiths. I thought that was important for Thaddeus’s quest—that he find answers outside of his own narrow upbringing, from a source (chipmunks) he hadn’t considered as being on the same social or spiritual level.

What message(s) would you like readers to take away from the book?

The key message is that we’re all here for a purpose—and our first and primary goal in life is to uncover that purpose. We need to take small steps each day toward that end and it’s a journey that never ends. Our learning is never complete. As Thaddeus discovers at the end of the book, he’s got to stop observing and take action. When we are stagnant we do not learn, but when we expose ourselves to other ideas and philosophies, growth happens.

Can you explain further how to separate the voice of our ego vs. inner wisdom as Thaddeus Squirrel learns?

In the book, I talk of the ego as the big obstacle we must get around by any means necessary. The ego is often our public self, the face we show to the world. It often over-thinks, is ruled by emotional swings and places too much importance on the trivial. But ultimately, the ego is shallow. Deep within us is “the watcher,” our true self, and it is this inner part of our being where true wisdom resides—if we choose to open ourselves up to it.

What is the “Law of Connections” that Thaddeus Squirrel is taught?

It’s an idea I’ve had for many years and it relates to how I personally view God. I don’t see God as a being in the traditional sense, but as more of a force-of-nature that turns the gears of life, putting us in the places we need to be, helping us meet the people we’re supposed to meet. The Law is the mechanism that helps us make these connections to people and places, that puts us where we need to be. It’s the force behind coincidences and connects us with our destiny in this life.

How does your main character realize his “true self” and reach his “full potential?”

Honestly, by the end of the book, he has not realized his true self or full potential. The first step for Thaddeus is to get moving, to get him on the path to fulfilling his purpose. He has started on that path, but it’s really a first step. As you know having read the book, Becca, it’s a set-up for a sequel. The spiritual education of Thaddeus Squirrel has just begun.

Thaddeus Squirrel: A Spiritual Fable is available now at Tom Rapsas is a writer at the faith site Patheos where he has written the Wake Up Call column since 2013. He is also the author of the book Life Tweets, Inspirational & Spiritual Insights That Can Change Your Life.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra SecretsBalance Your Chakras-Balance Your Lifeand The Chakra Energy Diet




Evolve to Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose with Monica Ortiz

PrintIn Universe 101, Monica Ortiz helps us answer the questions: Why are we here? How can we be better people? How can we relieve ourselves of any spiritual baggage carried forward from the past – whether a past life or our childhood? How can we truly love ourselves, those we are in relationship with, and the world in general? If you’re ready to be truly honest with yourself, take a look at any past errors you have made, give up judgments of others, and evolve into the best you can be, please pick up Universe 101: Learn, Grow, Evolve.

Monica Ortiz says that we come into this life with our Core imprinted with who we are supposed to be in this life and what we are supposed to achieve. However, life circumstances can pull us away from our true path and happiness. If you feel this may have happened to you, Ortiz offers a way to reconnect to “The Core of Your Being.” She offers concrete advice, as if she were your personal life coach, advising that you answer these questions with complete honesty: Who am I? and Who do I want to be? Then, you must find and dig out the roots of any damage that has kept you from your destiny. She believes that with honesty, love, good communication, and deep understanding of yourself and the others involved, you can move forward in your path of evolution. Ortiz explains how you will find inner peace and better health once you get through your Spiritual Baggage and reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

I like Ortiz’ strict guidelines on learning to love yourself, first of all by not doing things that make you dislike yourself. She gives great advice on how to be a righteous person who keeps to your word and shares the goodness inside of you with the world as part of your universal responsibility. She asks tough questions and delivers thoughtful advice and specific steps you can take to develop into a better person and progress on your spiritual path. She shares secrets learned from her Grandfather, and his spirit after he passes, as well as lessons she learned growing up in a difficult family and surviving several difficult relationships.

Whatever form of spiritual or religious beliefs you may have, this book will touch you with its wisdom. Whether it’s how to forgive, or how to pray honestly from your heart, Ortiz’ advice will help you lead a happier, healthier life. The interesting stories woven into each chapter make the life lessons easy to relate to.


Monica Ortiz is a writer, life coach, lecturer, a self-described “seer” and spiritual guide who has assisted hundreds of people with their healing path. Here, she answers my questions:

Becca: How would you describe your “spiritual gifts” and how do you use them in your work?

Monica: I have a gift of future vision, I have a gift of past vision (being able to see into someone’s past) and present vision. I can look into someone’s past to identify significant events that have affected them in a negative way, keeping them from their happiness. While I am assisting someone in working out their current issues, my gift of sight also allows me to take a glimpse into their future and guide them along the best path for them while taking into account the adjustments they are currently making in their life. If I see a course for them that is unhealthy, I am able to make them aware of it and this allows them to make healthy choices and achieve success in their life.

Becca: How do you help people get “unstuck?” What initial advice would you give the reader who felt this way?

Monica: There is a myriad of reasons why someone becomes stuck in their life… parental pressure, societal pressure, peer pressure, one’s own expectations of oneself, a build up of many mistakes that leaves you in a painful place of not knowing how to unravel it. I help people get unstuck by targeting the issue in a clear way and then slowly peeling back all of the layers, exposing the root of the issue and then assisting them in rebuilding something that they need in their life. The first question I recommend people ask themselves is “Why am I feeling stuck?” because it starts there.

Becca: What is the underlying message of your book?

Monica: There is hope for a better life. A life filled with happiness, success (finding the perfect job, finding true love, having a good relationship with parents, etc.), good health, inner peace, and fulfillment are all achievable.

Becca: What inspired you to write the book?

Monica: The Universe, as it was my calling and it knows there are so many people out there who need help. Also, my friends and prior clients who have benefited from what I teach and who are now living their dream lives.

Becca: What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

Monica: I hope people will understand the book and understand that the journey to a better life can start any time they choose. On page vii, I wrote “When you read this book and then sit and ponder all that is in it, if you learn even one thing, grow, evolve, and find peace in one aspect of your life then this book will have served you.” I still want that for everyone. In the beginning, I hoped that the book would help people. Now that I am getting such positive feedback from people who have read the book and have attended my lectures, it has changed to a hope of reaching more people so they can get the help they need.

Becca: Where do you find your inspiration to write?

Monica: From the Universe. I am very purposeful in my writing and feel I need to be that way because people are relying on me to really help them. I truly want this for everyone. I wholeheartedly believe Peace within oneself is absolutely amazing and can lead us to Peace throughout the Universe.

Becca: Any advice for others who feel they have inspiration to share?

Monica: We all have stories of love, and pain, of despair and hope, of loyalty and mistrust, of resentment and forgiveness.  I say “share” and remember to be mindful of your motivation for sharing and your intent of what you want to achieve by your sharing.  Be mindful of what you are putting out into the Universe and how it will affect others.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life

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