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Look and Feel Your Best with The Chakra Energy Diet

Chakra Diet 3DTHE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET: The Right Food, Relaxation, Yoga & Exercise to Look and Feel Your  Best!  is reviewed here by guest blogger Marya Mann, PhD, an author, Quantum Creativity Therapist and co-founder of the Loom of Love, a Center for Conscious Arts located in West Hawaii, on the Big Island:

From first tasty bite to the last, Becca Chopra’s vibrant new book is a feast for the senses, a square meal for the cells and a juicy delight for the higher mind. Fun, nutritious and colorful! And for dessert? She serves healing visualizations that help us set the table for zesty living where food is medicine, meals are celebrations, and  honoring food is a meditation on achieving your full potential.

In short, in Chopra’s book, the supreme yoga is a culinary art.

But the book is not just for yogis. Chopra says people who struggle with seesaw dieting, self-love, relationship, success and prosperity issues can find clues to chakra imbalances in these life problems. “You can thank your body,” she writes, “for giving you the clues you need to reach for your perfect self.”

Connecting the dots between the energy source of problems and the behaviors that either help or hinder their resolution, Chopra offers simple, fun lifestyle solutions to reverse the disease-ridden trends of modern dining. Color-coding foods to reflect desired energy states, yoga poses to stimulate vitality, and affirmations to affirm your True Self are easy to find and use in the well-organized book designed to help you “feed your chakras with high quality energy.”

Part I highlights the saboteurs of your health and weight that you need to avoid. Stress and pushing down uncomfortable emotions are two of the main menaces, but sugar, GMO foods, saturated fats and MSG all warrant abstinence. In Part II, you learn to identify if a chakra is out of balance and exactly what to do about it. “Eating a rainbow of colors is important to keep the chakras balanced,” explains Chopra.

Besides specific food combinations, exercises and yoga postures, undemanding suggestions like incorporating light exercise after a meal – “aiding your digestion as well as lightening your stress load” – are included.

I have long admired the natural spirit and articulate science in Becca Chopra’s work. Her previous books – The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets, and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life – show an uncommon nuance and perspective in her ability to communicate the power of subtle energies in concrete terms. Now, her passionate, clear aesthetic shows how one can make an art out of eating and make food for the soul out of art.

Together with brilliant color photos, Chopra’s text arouses the hunger for good food, not empty calories, making this one of my favorite kitchen books, almost good enough to eat!


All proceeds from sales of the book in the following week are going to “Feed the Children,” connecting children in need with healthy food from local organic farmers. Find It now! THE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET is available on Amazon Kindle at

For more information on Becca Chopra’s work, see Buy the book and get FREE bonus meal plans for each chakra.

Reviewer Marya Mann is co-author of Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves. Dr. Marya has over 50 state-of-the-art tools that clear old “tapes,” dissolve pain and have you visioning your best future immediately. Also Advanced Micro-Nutrition, Energy Balancing and Life Coaching and can be reached at


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



Experience a New Science of Instant Transformation with Cynthia Sue Larson

Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity by Cynthia Sue Larson is reviewed here by guest blogger Marya Mann, PhD, an author, Quantum Creativity Therapist and co-founder of the Loom of Love, a Center for Conscious Arts located in West Hawaii, on the Big Island:

Quantum JumpsThe Great Work of Cynthia Sue Larson

If you really want to know how quantum physics has changed humanity, read this book. Elegantly jumping between the fields of transpersonal psychology, mind-body medicine, energy healing and comparative spirituality, Cynthia Sue Larson is thoroughly grounded in her extraordinary quantum skills.

Passionately penned, clearly organized and intellectually sound, Larson’s purpose is to prepare us for the reverberations of a world in quantum transition. She has written three other books on related subjects, including Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, but this book holds the doors of the new sciences, philosophy and self-realization wide open for all.

The culmination of decades of research, study and practice, this manual for the journey can lead you to a higher order of quantum experience and a happier, more fulfilling life.

Quantum Jumps – sub-atomic transitions or abrupt changes of an electron from one quantum state to another – are happening all the time. They affect our personal lives, religion, psychology, medicine, technology, government and business. Our awareness of them and mindful invocation of the quantum state gives us access to more adaptable, resilient and useful aspects ourselves.

Now, at the dawning of the Quantum Age, Larson writes, “As in all previous transition points from Stone Age to Bronze Age, to Iron Age, to Agricultural Age, to Industrial Age to Information Age, the transition to Quantum Age will require us to adjust not only to using the newest tools of this new age, but also to incorporate the requisite thought patterns required to adapt to these new tools.”

Thought patterns are significant in Larson’s quantum world because what happens in the quantum realm does not stay in the quantum realm. Those of us who have experienced precognition, premonitions, intuitive hunches, synchronicity and déjà vu already know this. Few of us, however, have had a handbook like Quantum Jumps.

Larson offers here the foundations of more than 100 years of quantum research, clearly establishing the scientific underpinnings of what we used to think of as new age and woo-woo. Articulating the mysteries of the quantum world with a scientist’s irrefutable logic, she offers frameworks and data from prestigious universities and labs that explain how quanta behave.

Interspersed throughout are short, lively exercises for trying out your quantum wings, while an extensive Q & A section at the end of the book supports the reader in the effective use of Quantum Jumps right away.

The book’s main theme – that the way our universe really works is more fascinating, fertile and interconnected than humanity has believed – colors every one of its 289 pages. It’s not only the microscopic building blocks of matter in the laboratory that exhibit such quantum phenomena as superimposed states, multiple existences, or entangled, non-local states enjoying instantaneous communication with one another across vast distances. People, animals and plants do too. Two-thirds of physicists surveyed now believe that everything in material form — including us — exists in a superimposed state of many possible realities.

“The mind-boggling implication of this simple statement is that there are many possible you’s… and many possible me’s,” Larson declares.

In her third chapter, “Why Do We Quantum Jump?” Larson presents a range of motivations for the typical person to actively make a Quantum Jump: to survive a crisis, to find their calling, lose weight or find a mate. While there is clear evidence that people do often feel better, find their vocation, trim down and find a partner, the explanations for how Quantum Jumps work are less obvious.

Numerous physics theories that explain what’s going on are known as ‘interpretations’ and Larson does an impeccable job describing how they account for “quantum weirdness” and the many realities that make up what we call “consciousness.”

David Bohm’s Holographic Interpretation, Leonard Susskind and Raphael Bousso’s Holographic Multiverse Interpretation, and Niels Bohr’s Copenhagen Interpretation, among others, are explored; Larson then gives us meaningful real-world anecdotes to match their predictions.

Especially vivid is John Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation, which suggests “handshakes” take place between quantum particles in different points of time and space. “In Cramer’s interpretation, a particle here and now on Earth instantaneously communicates with particles light-years away in time and space,” reports Larson, “as one particle sends an ‘offer’ wave and another responds with a ‘confirmation’ wave.”

Most intriguing is Hugh Everett III’s Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum physics, which postulates a multiverse where a person may be living the life he only dreams about in this universe. He can travel to alternate realities and bring back experience and data across the multiverse into this timespace reality from his future or parallel self. Traits one has developed in a parallel universe can seed those same qualities and behaviors in this reality.

The holographic multiverse offers us mind-blowing freeways into the majesty of the heavens and is limited only by our imaginations. We can, not figuratively, but literally jump from one parallel universe to another.

The multiverse explanation for quantum mechanics got a big boost back in 1987 when Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg calculated that the cosmological constant of our universe — the energy density in otherwise empty space — is so statistically unlikely that it must be something of an aberration.

“The fact that we appear to live in such an improbable universe is leading ever-increasing numbers of physicists to embrace the multiverse. Growing evidence, such as a dearth of other new particles found in addition to the newly found Higgs boson, suggests that our universe is measured to be just as we would expect it according to the multiverse Many Worlds Interpretation,” confirms Larson.

Her enthusiasm and story-telling skill breathe life into sometimes dry history and theory, as when she wonders what happens to the missing socks from your washer? We may joke that the socks have entered a parallel universe, she says, but actually, your socks may really have disappeared into a parallel universe! For example, in 2012, theoretical physicists from the University of l’Aquila, Italy, found a mysterious anomaly; the loss rate of neutrons appeared to depend on the strength and direction of a magnetic field. Physicist Zurab Berezhiani proposed that perhaps the missing neutrons were visiting parallel universes!

Leading us through the new frontier filled with entangled diamonds, teleporting rubidium atoms and quantum biology, Larson points to ever-increasing evidence of quantum behavior on the macroscopic (larger-than-quantum-particle) scale.

We see plants with the ability to photosynthesize based on quantum superposition and birds that appear to navigate using quantum entanglement. Our very human sense of smell appears to depend on quantum tunneling, she says, “with electrons in the receptors of our noses disappearing on one side of an olfactory (smell) molecule, and reappearing on the other.”

In “Changing Past, Present & Future,” Larson reveals how vast the universe really is – and how expansive our concepts about it will have to be in order to keep up.

Her section titled “Seeking Evidence of Parallel Universes & Many Big Bangs,” includes the story of physicists Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog who called for “the search for signs of multiple multiverse cosmic background radiation ‘Big Bangs,’ utilizing the concept of ‘Top-Down Cosmology,’ and the notion that our universe had more than one beginning and history. Thomas Hertog succinctly summarizes this big idea as, ‘quantum physics forbids a single history’.”

In astonishing sections on the universe according to the Transactional Interpretation, Larson presents studies that have consistently shown a seeming reversal between cause and effect. Bicausality – more than one possible beginning of events – and retrocausality, in which the direction of cause is reversed from past-to-present to present-to-past, are some of the principles that explain such phenomena as alternate histories, alternate recollections or “false memories,” and parallel worlds.

In the Quantum Age, alternate histories are to be expected. “They provide evidence of the superposition of states that we and everything around us exists within, so we can expect to occasionally see documented records from the past that differ from what we recall.”

State-of-the-art laboratories now have computers that operate on qubits rather than bits and have millions of times the analytical power of conventional processors. Quantum Jumps affect our society at every level; it is happening very fast, in every field and having massive consequences.

Consider the human “superpotential,” self-improvement and energy healing movements. In “Get a Quantum Jump Start” and “Quantum Jumps in Daily Life,” thought-provoking anecdotes include reports of remissions of cancer, events that have no apparent cause, and “reality shifts” that happen in an instant. “Their feelings changed their situations so much that would-be muggers and rapists walked away from potential victims, and a car plummeting off the side of the road landed safely in a lake…that had never been there before.” When people face dangerous or challenging situations, writes Larson, they can avoid harm and cultivate a positive state by “realizing in the midst of their ordeal that they can find and project a higher state of awareness on the situation.”

As you read Quantum Jumps, your mind will expand and your heart will be touched by the power of the quanta. You’ll probably agree with Larson that it’s important to plan how we will use its power and “what we are and aren’t willing to give of ourselves in order to reap its benefits.” She predicts we will, again, likely find ourselves immersed in the new quantum technology before we’ve properly considered how best to answer these questions, “let alone what implications there are to how we choose to respond.”

Woven with powerful personal stories and dozens of resonant laboratory and case studies, Quantum Jumps, Larson’s “great work,” serves us well as source material for answering those essential quantum questions.

Quantum Jumps is available on For more information on the author, visit

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Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



Marya Mann and Cindy Longhofer sending energy.

Marya Mann and Cindy Longhofer sending energy.

There was a frog in my throat the night we practiced the Forgiveness Dance as part of our Yoga Dance Training last month in Kona. We practiced progressive forgiveness as a way to help heal the heart’s wounds and induce radiant health and joy around the places in our hearts where we’ve felt victimized. In a guided meditation, we invoked three separate kinds of people with whom we wanted to experience forgiveness.

“First, we invite into our heart a person who we want to ask forgiveness of,” I said, “someone who has felt hurt or betrayed by us, and who is withholding love because of it. We ask this person to forgive us and to allow a place of peace in our shared heart. May we find peace and a renewal of love with each other. May we ask that person, ‘Please forgive us for whatever we’ve done to cause you pain.’ And we ask the person’s higher self or spirit to open arms to embrace and listen to our higher self in a communion of souls forgiving and reconnecting to each other.”

As a Wellness Consultant and Writer, I have heard enough horror stories from quite ordinary people to convince me that there is not a human being on the planet who has not been seri­ously victimized at least once, and in minor ways more times than they could count. Who among us can say they have never blamed someone else for their lack of happiness? For many, blame is simply a way of life.

Indeed, the victim archetype is deeply ingrained in the human species, and acknowledging that it exerts great power over mass con­sciousness can help us to transform it.  So in the Yoga Dance class, I asked students to invite into their hearts a second person, someone who wanted our forgiveness. This friend or family member or co-worker, requests our forgiveness. It is someone we have pushed out of our hearts because we refuse to forgive what we perceive as a violation against us. “Say to the person who is asking forgiveness, ‘I forgive you. I know that you are in pain and have felt victimized too.’ As your higher self, open your spiritual arms and receive the one who is asking forgiveness back into your heart. Feel the courage of compassion and how your higher self’s radiance adds to their radiance, and their light adds to yours. Feel and see how the spiritual power in real forgiveness dissolves old hurts and impediments to love. Open spiritual arms and receive each other. Replace hatred with love’s light.”

For eons we have played out victimhood in many aspects of our lives, convincing ourselves that victim consciousness gives us the right to dominate others. The victim-dominator two-step seems fundamental to the human condition. One dominates, another is the victim, and usually a rescuer comes in the middle to mediate and often becomes the dominator in a never-ending cycle of the classic crazy-making family triad of relational abuse.

Colin Tipping in Radical Forgiveness says the time has come for us to stop creating our lives as victims and dominators. The fundamental question, he says, is this: “How can we let go of the victim archetype as the model for how to live?”

“To break free from such a powerful archetype, we must replace it with something radically different—something so compelling and spiritually liberating that it magnetizes us away from victimhood. As we continue to move into the new millennium and prepare for the imminent next great leap in our spiritual evolution, it is essential that we adopt a way of living based not on fear, control, and abuse of power but on true forgiveness, unconditional love, and peace.”

That’s why the third person we invited into our hearts at the Yoga Dance Training last week was ourselves. How many times have we withheld forgiveness from ourselves? Guiding the dancers, I said, “Bring your innocence and basic goodness to the forefront inside your heart. Feel the flame of purity flickering with joy in your heart. Compassion is your purpose. Your forgiveness of self spreads light upon the world. Infinite love and forgiveness inside your heart opens all the spiritual doors and re-invigorates your dance of pure aliveness.”

To transform an energy pattern so fundamental as the victim archetype, and thus the dominator archetype, many, many people—souls who possess the wisdom and love necessary to accomplish this immense task—must awaken and accept their spiritual mission.. Perhaps you are one of the souls who volunteered for this mission.

Everywhere we look—in the newspapers, on TV, and even in our own personal lives—we see exam­ples of people who have been victimized by crazy people.

There’s a lot to forgive in the world. If we’re lucky, it’s a full-time passion and we move from compassionate action to forgiveness as quickly as A to B.. But for some people, victim consciousness seems to hold their history together so they weave from old hurt and wound to another arrow and dart, their preferred method of feeling affection, even if it’s negative-love affection.

The skill of the new human is to learn from mistakes and move on. Thus, we see incredible acts of heroism and goodness. Goodness will win when the dominator trait, the one that begins with arrogance and ends with torture, repression, genocide and open warfare on a vast scale, runs itself out. Goodness is what will go on as long as we are free to forgive.

When we stop forgiving, we stop living.

– From Brave New Viewsletter by Marya Mann. Visit

Becca Chopra

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