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A Positive, Hopeful Tale for Any Age

Ephemerine Tree has all the elements that young adults love in a fantasy novel – planets on the verge of destruction, portals through time and space, and an exciting world with its own inventive vocabulary. But it carries a message that any age reader will feel better after reading.

A being from a higher realm, Rainyun, comes down to the planet, Atrea, to help Eda find both her life mission and her life mate, Matt, who has been dematerialized (there’s a lot of great quantum physics in the story) by scientists ruining the environment in search of fuel (sound familiar?). They find Matt in California, riding motorcycles, unaware of his true destiny until these two other-worldly beauties take him through tree portals, into healing stations to reactivate lost DNA, and more adventures, so he and Eda can plant a seed on Atrea to realign the planet with a better path.

Throughout the book, I loved being reminded of what the author calls Newton’s Law of Motion: For every action there is an increased but similar action. So, focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want, because you’ll get more of what you focus on. The New Age concepts of creative visualization, manifestation, the components of love, and reconnecting to higher consciousness are all included in the plot, which moves along quickly to a very satisfying conclusion. I’m still smiling, imagining that our planet can also be saved.

The author, Mirti Venyon Reiyas, answered my questions about her beautiful work.

BECCA: What is the underlying message of your book?

There isn’t any one underlying message – there are several layers of meaning that can be discovered, depending upon the reader.  Reading is a co-creation and one can only discover what already exists or what is due to manifest in one’s own hologram.  Each time I read Ephemerine Tree a different aspect comes to mind!  The last time I edited it, it was a love of trees that appeared.  Prior to that it was a deep connection with our expanded Incarnations.  I do hope that others that draw this book into their hologram will also find something in it for them  – even if it’s just relaxation!

BECCA: What inspired you to write the book?

I love fantasy but find most fantasy books, or even metaphysical fiction books, to be filled with a frequency of competitiveness, fear, darkness and anxiety.  Even if it is the “good” that “wins” in the end, the 200 pages that come before the end are filled with writing that attracts darker energies into one’s aura.

I understand this is the popular trend on the planet, and to make money one has to write that type of book.  Yet there are a number of people like myself that have almost given up on reading fantasy books because they are always a repetition of the same horror/battle/survival of the fittest/trauma/dystopian/violence – then finally light in the last chapter – theme with excruciating graphic details…So I decided to add books to the scarce Positive Visionary Fantasy genre.  I wanted to write a good story based on positive thinking, a fun story that is intriguing but without the heavy undercurrents.

BECCA: What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

A peaceful, fun, positive and joyful experience!

BECCA: Where do you find your inspiration?

From my meditational journeys and connection with my Higher Selves. I owe a lot to Keylontic Science and E’Asha Ashayana (formerly Ashayana Deane) for knowledge gained from her coherent and all-encompassing metaphysical paradigm.  I don’t make any direct references to her work, but her work is the underlying inspiration in my life.  Her Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastery are wonderful guidelines to live and write by! See:

I can only write when I feel a certain positive energy flowing – and when that happens, a river of ideas opens up…

BECCA: What is the best thing anyone has said about your book?

I received this in a letter from someone who had read my book:

“I can easily say that this had been the READING EXPERIENCE of a lifetime… Somehow it had opened up many avenues within my personal spaces – the experience somehow had it – within it – the ability to somehow change my small living area into something which seems more airy, more spacious, more living-worthy with deep gratitude…” ~ Elan

 BECCA: Any advice for others who feel they have inspiration to share?

Oh, yes!  I am an avid reader myself and am looking forward to reading more positive, light-hearted fantasy books for adults.  Please put your inspiration down on paper!  I loved your book “Chakra Secrets.”  I felt it was a frank and sweet story of the spiritual search that many of us undergo in our lives.

Ephemerine Tree is available in Kindle and paperback on and will be released in audio format in November 2012. It is being recorded by Redplanet Audiobooks.

Becca Chopra


With all this talk of manifesting your goals, how do you actually accomplish
conscious manifestation? There are many ways – here is advice gleaned from Gay Hendricks.

Manifestation begins to happen after you’ve become skilled at focusing positively
on your goals (stage one) and loving yourself as you proceed toward them (stage two.)

The third stage is to cultivate an ongoing experience of wonder.

As you go through your life, get in the habit of asking lots of
wonder-questions. A wonder-question is one you don’t know the answer to.
A wonder-question is something you’re genuinely curious about.

When a tough situation emerges, go toward wonder rather than
toward a fixed position. If you’ve been struggling with your weight all your
life, shift for a moment to wonder instead of struggle. Ask a wonder question:
“Hmmm, I wonder what my weight-struggle is really about?”
(Compare that to a non-wonder question: “Does Jenny Craig or Weight-
Watchers have the best program?”)

Wondering is more fun and it makes things work faster. If we’d
gotten stuck in feeling victimized by our buyer who backed out, we wouldn’t
have had much fun. We might not have gotten the house back on the
market and sold it quite so quickly, either.

You can turn any life-situation into a wonder-question. If you’re
having a relationship struggle, let go of blaming your partner or yourself.
Instead, wonder “Why would I be creating a relationship struggle right

If you’re having a money-struggle, turn it into a wonder-question:
“Hmmm, what am I needing to learn from this money-struggle?”

Under stress, we humans tend to clutch our bellies in fear and cling to
fixed positions. We look for somebody to blame. We think we know whose
fault it is and what they ought to do to fix the problem.

Let’s try something new: Under stress, go to wonder rather than fear.
Let go of positions and float free in wonder.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

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