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Energy Healing with Dynamind

“I read this book and another of Becca’s, checked out her website, viewed her video that follows this book. For the first time in 2 years, I am pain free. I am more at peace. THANKS!” ~ Amazon reviewer

“Do you know which of your chakras are out of balance? Becca Chopra’s new book starts with a very easy-to-understand explanation of the chakra energy centers in our bodies and how each one affects us differently – physically and emotionally. Then, she shares the “secret” healing technique described in her book, Chakra Secrets, and details how to use “Dynamind” to balance each of the seven chakras, removing any pain or dis-ease associated with each one…. As busy as I am, I know I can fit in a Toner for one of my chakras in just a few minutes each morning… setting myself up for a much better day ahead.” ~ Amazon reviewer

Thank you to these two reviewers who recognized the healing power offered by the Dynamind Process which I share in this book. I learned this technique from Serge Kahili King, Ph.D., a kupua healer and founder of Aloha International, during a Hawaii Health Getaway. With his help, I’ve applied the process to Chakra Healing.

Whether you experience pain, illness or stress, or just want to enhance your energy, you’ll want to learn and practice this simple, yet profound, technique.

According to the ancient Hawaiian Huna philosophy, stress plays a part in all illness. More and more, modern medical research links stress and illness to a wide range of maladies from high blood pressure and heart disease to chronic pain and obesity.

Of course, modern everyday life carries with it a grab bag of stress, but we just don’t want it to be chronic and as familiar as our favorite shoes. Personally, I use a variety of ways, including yoga and meditation, on a daily basis to relax my body and mind. But when I feel pain or illness or uncomfortable emotions such as fear or anger, I immediately use the “instant healing” Dynamind technique to release tension, restore my body’s innate self-healing abilities and allow my chakra energy to once again whirl strongly.

Just like regular exercise can keep one’s body and mind toned, using Dynamind Toners every day can keep your chakras and your body in balance. I’ve even produced a Balance & Tone Your Chakras DVD where you can follow along with me and strengthen your chakras so that your life can be the best it can be.

Anyone who purchases my books which explain the Dynamind process, Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life or Chakra Secrets can get a free link to the streaming video, now through the end of October, when the DVD will be available for sale.

Becca Chopra


The Cure for All Diseases: With Many Case Histories

I read Hulda Clark’s book several years ago, but never needed to try one of her suggestions to kill parasites (the root of all disease according to Dr. Clark) until I recently suffered from colitis that even antibiotics didn’t alleviate. My chiropractor had a “Zapper” which uses a special electric impulse to kill parasites and other pathogens. I used it one night and the next morning I was fine. So, I read the book again and found other gems of advice in it. You, as the reader, may not agree with all her hypotheses, but many of her suggestions have proven to be invaluable, such as using products without fragrance and added chemicals. For instance, I’m never without Borax.

This nearly 600-page book offers a wealth of information on alternative approaches to cure everything from cancer to ulcers. According to Dr. Clark, there are only two causes of health problems – internal parasites, which can be cured with the electronic treatment of the Zapper. The external cause of health problems? She cites pollution, both in the environment and the products we use on our bodies, in our homes, and in the food we eat. The simplest cure for this she advises is avoidance. In our society, it’s virtually impossible to avoid chemical pollution, but this book offers sage advice on controlling what you can. It’s a book I have lent to many people, and will continue to do so.

Dr. Clark has been a bit persecuted by the American Medical Association and I believe now runs a clinic in Mexico. For many years, she had a company that sold “Zappers” for a reasonable price, then she stopped selling them because of this “persecution.” I recently spoke with her onlne store,, and found they will be carrying them again next month. You can also follow her instructions to make your own Zapper in her book.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

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