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Chakra Secrets to Self-Love and Energy Healing

I’d like to share my tale encompassing a rugged path through all seven chakras, a happy ending and an instant healing technique everyone can use. I invite you to download a FREE copy of CHAKRA SECRETS through Friday, Oct. 16.

Here’s a review of the book by a reader on

 Chakra Balancing, Past Lives, Yoga and More!

“Began this book at Midnight, read straight through until 4 a.m. and waited until the light of day to review.

All of the cliches fit: cliff hanger, couldn’t put it down, fast-paced, brilliant writing…yes, all that with an important message: life is the same for everyone, we hurt, we grieve, we suffer, we have moments of joy and passion, and we are all subject to the same feelings.

We are born and re-born both physically, as in reincarnation, and spiritually, as in evolution of the soul…and there are very real modalities that we can employ to overcome our private agonies and move along our spiritual path to fuse with the light. That’s the simplistic version.

Author Becca Chopra put herself out on a limb with this autobiographical novel in which she introduces powerful, spiritual healing modalities in a very earthy way. She covers yogis gone wild, drugs, passion, longing, as she takes you on a breathless journey from actress to respected yoga teacher, an amazing roller coaster ride that introduces yoga, rainbow tantra, tantric gurus, macrobiotic diet, past life regression, acro-yoga, Ho’opono’pono and a very effective Huna Dynamind technique which can be practiced at home.

The storyline is complex yet unfolds simply and easily, propelling the reader right to the happy ending. And after all the twists and turns, one is certainly ready for that relaxing out breath and release.”

I look forward to sharing my story with YOU also – I invite you to download CHAKRA SECRETS – the Kindle version can be read on virtually ANY smart device.


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets, Balance Your Chakras-Balance Your Life, and The Chakra Energy Diet

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Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.41.38 AMResolutions are easy to make, but hard to keep, as I’m experiencing myself. That’s why I’m glad that so many of my friends, noteworthy personal growth experts, have gotten together this month solely for the purpose of giving you their very best so that you can reach all of your goals.

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To your health and success in 2015!

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet, Balance Your Chakras – Balance Your Life, Chakra Secrets and The Chakra Diaries

FREE Self-Help Tools from Books to DVDs

Streaming video of Balance & Tone Your Chakras is included in this special giveaway.

Streaming video of Balance & Tone Your Chakras is included in this special giveaway.

Get hundreds of FREE Personal Growth and Business Building products and services, including my Balance & Tone Your Chakras video, by signing up for the 2014 Self Improvement Gifts event.

If you have found yourself going round in circles time and time again just trying to improve things in your life, but find yourself getting nowhere fast, then I’m pleased to tell you that it is now easily within your reach to change things during the year ahead.

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Becca Chopra, author of Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life


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Of course, my Chakra Meditations are one of the FREE gifts.

If you’d like to improve things in your life, please know we’re all here on earth to help each other, and take advantage of the free services offered here.

The Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway is hosted by my colleagues Stephanie Mulac, Carolyn Hansen and Dr. Joe Rubino – and will be available through the end of the month. Take advantage of it and let me know which gifts were most valuable to you.

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Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

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