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Tap Into your Intuition and Psychic Ability

We all use so little of our psychic powers until we open our Third Eye Chakras, as Jennifer O’Neill so brilliantly describes in her new book, Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS.

NEWS FLASH: “Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS (Author Edition)” is available on Kindle for FREE for three days (September 18th – September 20th) at

A psychic herself, Jennifer gives credible advice on how to harness and develop your own intuition, inner knowing and psychic ability. She offers exercises that will help you understand how to use your intuition and psychic powers in new and helpful ways for yourself and others. We all have the gift – Jennifer can help you access it.

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or advanced, Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS will answer questions you probably didn’t even know you had.

  • What is Intuition?
  • Is psychic development possible?
  • How are psychic senses already affecting my life?
  • How can I harness and develop my own intuition & psychic ability?

Packed full of information and exercises, you will begin to understand how to use your intuition and psychic ability in a way which you have never known before. You might have a psychic gift you never even knew about…until now!
The purpose of this book is to educate you, and help you to effectively develop this ability in such a way that will enhance your everyday life. Allowing you to live your life the best way possible!

The Author’s Edition of this book also contains useful information on “Energy Vampires” — negative thoughts and people who sap your power — and how to handle them.

Spiritual teacher and best-selling author Jennifer O’Neill is devoted to helping others learn how to live a happier life. The focus of her writing and teaching is to simplify the process of using the spiritual tools and gifts you were born with in a way that fits into your everyday life. She is the author of several books including Soul DNA, Inspirational Quotes, Keys To The Spirit World, The Pursuit of Happiness, and several other books scheduled to be released this year. She has spent the last 20 years as a professional psychic and spiritual teacher helping people all over the world learn how to develop themselves spiritually.

Here, Jennifer answers a few of my questions.
Becca: What is the underlying message of your book?

Basically the underlying message is that intuition & psychic ability play a much larger role in people’s lives then they are aware of. Intuition and psychic ability have a very specific purpose, to get you to where you want to be in life, the best way possible. When people become more aware of this, they tend to allow it to develop and allow their psychic senses to work in harmony with the flow of their physical life. When people are not aware of it, their lives tend to have a discord to them, or the flow is disrupted causing them more problems then necessary. Life is not meant to be so hard.

Becca: What inspired you to write the book?

My students and clients loved the class that I teach on this subject so much that it inspired me to write a book with all of the information in it. That way they could take it with them and remember the things they learned later. Plus, I could teach many more people that way.

Becca: Where do you find your inspiration?

From my readers. I get so many emails daily thanking me for this book or that one, which is incredible. I love that I can help people shift their perspective just a little bit in such a way that helps them live a happier life…or easier life. If I can get them to see what it feels like to be in touch with the spiritual side of themselves and how easy it is, then I’ve done my job.

“Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS (Author Edition)” will be available on Kindle for FREE for three days (September 18th – September 20th). You can get your free copy here:

Becca Chopra, author of Chakra Secrets and The Chakra Diaries


I spent three years writing my first novel, The Chakra Diaries. Then, a full year on the sequel, Chakra Secrets, which I can happily say is now finished and on the way to the editor.

Now, I’m ready to write the book my students and readers around the world have asked for – Chakra Healing Simplified. I have the title ready, Balance Your Life, and my enormous pile of information at the ready.

I want this book written quickly. So, I decided to jump into a new way of writing for me – an organized routine and structure for writing. I was introduced to this program, NOVEL IN A MONTH, when joining Indie Author Counsel, and I’m going to see if the system works to use both my left and right brain to complete my self-help guide.

Now, are YOU ready to write as well? Laptop at the ready, a rough story outine lying pent-up, cramped into the folds of your brain, awaiting glorious release through your fingertips?

Anton Chekhov suggested that every sentence should spend two days in the brain, lying perfectly still and putting on weight. But using that principle, your work might be completed by the time you are 98 years old.

If you want to join me in the challenge of writing a book in a month, try the program along with me….

Learn how YOU can write your own book in just ONE MONTH, by visiting the official website:

I’ll be posting my progress as I move through my outline this week. If you try the program or have other writing advice, please share your comments as well.

Happy writing,

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries


Jennifer O’Neill is a psychic and spiritual teacher whose bio says she devotes most of her time to teaching people how to live a healthier, happier life. “Inspirational Quotes” does this so well, she can now relax while we all take advantage of the wisdom, the universal truths she inspires us with in this wonderful book.

Even if you read the book cover to cover, you’ll want to use the book as O’Neill suggests – turning to a page at random whenever needed for just the right message to help you believe in yourself and achieve happiness in your life.

The book’s overall message? That no dream is too big, life is easy and meant to be happy. The author presents Universal Laws, such as “Happiness is not bought, given, earned or learned – it is a state of mind based on your perspective. Happiness is simply a choice.”

There are many quotes on how to find happiness within yourself, your relationships, and in all you manifest in your life. And O’Neill inspires us to manifest greatness by following the Laws of Attraction, with quotes reminding us “…your thoughts send out energy waves. Want to know what you’ve been focusing on? Look around your life.”

I intend to use this wonderful book as oracle cards, to inspire me daily with just the right message to keep me on my path… a path that we’re all on, a path that O’Neill has beautifully laid out in this book.

For your free copy on Kindle, go to
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries


There are many ways to balance your chakras and heal your body, mind, emotions and spirit. I’ve read most of the chakra tomes out there, but am always looking for books written on the chakras that bring them to our Western mindset, make them understandable to the context of our lives.

Rainbow Eyes starts with a unique new way to look at and understand the chakras – with an introduction to the Chakramid, a pyramid of chakra energy with the Root Chakra forming a strong foundation, ascending up to the higher energy self in the Crown Chakra. It’s a wonderful way to quickly understand the properties and functions of our body’s energy centers.

The heart of the book is one woman’s self discovery as she journeys through the chakras, balances them and, in the process, recognizes her true path in life. She is able to remove the blocks that her unbalanced energy centers had previously placed in her way.

The book ends with more info on the 7 chakras and Chakramid Journal pages for you to record your own personal reflections. What a wonderful tool for self-discovery and growth! I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to find their life’s purpose, or simply to manifest their dreams more easily. As Shaffer writes, “How quickly something manifests depends upon the alignment of all of the Chakras.”

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries


One of my close friends recently suffered a stroke, and I was drawn to re-read My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.

What makes this book special is the spiritual insight it offers. When the author’s left hemisphere of her brain was incapacitated by a hemorrhagic stroke, she experienced the spiritual feeling of “oneness” with the universe, feeling no distinction from her body and the rest of the energy molecules around her. In the absence of the judgment of her left mind, she experienced deep internal peace and joy, the “Nirvana” that exists in the consciousness of our right brain. She explained how, at any moment, we can choose to hook into that part of our brain. Meditation is one way, and definitely, a less traumatic way than suffering a stroke. She also offers wonderful insights into quieting the constant “story telling” and chatter of the left brain, to bring you into the now, the peace of the right brain which only experiences the present moment, where there is no fear or anger. I was impressed with her scientific explanations of how we experience these negative emotions physiologically for 90 seconds, but can then choose to let them go and return to a peaceful state.

Taylor learned to reign in the judgment and ego center of her left brain and retain the compassionate feeling of oneness that was her only sensation when the left hemisphere of her brain was impaired. I thank her for sharing her experience and the wisdom she acquired in her journey back to wholeness. She says, “I choose to observe my environment through the nonjudgmental eyes of my right mind, allowing me to retain my inner joy…. it’s really easy to be kind to others when I remember that none of us came into this world with a manual about how to get it all right.”

A fascinating read!
Namaste, Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

Fun Way to Learn About Chakras

Thanks to Lisa Erickson for her review of The Chakra Diaries. In upcoming Becca’s Blogs, I intend to feature other reviews of metaphysical fiction and non-fiction that you may want to add to your bookshelf or Kindle Reader.

Fun Way to Learn About How Chakra Imbalances Impact Our Overall Lives, January 6, 2012

The Chakra Diaries offers a fun, unique way to learn how the energy of the chakras manifests in our everyday lives, how imbalances may impact us, and how clearing and healing them can help us change ourselves and our situation. It’s a collection of excerpts from the fictional diary entries of several participants in a 12-week chakra workshop. They are asked by the instructor, Rebecca (who also has a chapter) to journal an overview of their lives up to this point, and then to document the changes in their lives that occur throughout the course of the workshop.

Each chapter is a different character’s diary, so of course all are told in the first person. The chapters are organized by chakra, from the root chakra up to the crown, featuring someone whose greatest block or imbalance lies in that particular chakra. The character’s lives begin to intertwine as they get to know each other, and they feature in each other’s entries. Some of the stories are quite dramatic, with pasts ranging from sexual abuse to being orphaned, while others are more low-key – dysfunctional families, unfulfilling careers, financial issues, or relationship woes. These themes are traced to corresponding blocks or imbalances in their chakras, and they begin to experience shifts as they both work through these issues in their lives, and do meditation and energy healing work on the chakras directly.

Someone new to the chakras will probably want to combine reading this with a non-fiction option, and/or with guided meditation CDs or audio files. Someone who already knows a bit about the chakras will appreciate this as way of exploring the ways chakra imbalances and blocks impact our actual lives. Some of the stories are very touching, and they are certainly never boring, so this is also a much more engaging way to explore the chakras than most non-fiction options.

The Chakra Diaries are available at and

Avoid the #1 Relationship Killer

Relationship experts and Huna philosophers all think blame and criticism is the #1 reason why relationships fail. Most couples split up, family members stop talking or business partnerships fail because one or both of the parties gets tired of being blamed or criticized.

What is the best and quickest way to stop it?

When you’re blaming someone, what you’re really doing is pointing the finger at them and saying “Hah! It’s your fault. You’re wrong.” Then, that person typically comes back and says, “No, it’s your fault…” and this can go on in an endless loop.

When you catch yourself starting to blame or you’re having critical thoughts about your partner or colleague, make a pleasant “Hmmm….” sound. And what this does is it shifts you out of your “critical” brain into your “wonder” brain.

So, you can say to yourself, “Hmmm… I wonder what I could learn from this.” Or “Hmmm… I wonder how I’m contributing to this situation.”

When you do this, an immediate change takes place in your connection with the person you were previously blaming or criticizing.

Try this the next time you have a critical thought, and watch real miracles open up in your relationships! And of course, work on keeping your heart chakra open to love and compassion – listen to my free Chakra Meditation at
Namaste! Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

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