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Reading Serge Kahili King’s latest book, Creating Reality, I see how many of the same tools used to balance the chakras are used in the Hawaiian shamanic tradition.In the shamanic experience, you can create realities by shifting mindsets through four different worlds, which he terms the objective, subjective, symbolic and holistic views. As his book takes us into these different worlds, King teaches a wide variety of powerful tools that can produce significant results. By shifting mindsets, we can do ordinary and non-ordinary things, explains King.

On the physical level, or in the objective world view, King recommends skill development – increasing your energy, strength of body and mind, and consciously changing your posture. On the second or subjective level, he recommends self talk – self praise and increasing your aura; on the third level or symbolic level – creative visualization, guided imagery, dreamwork; and on the fourth level, or holistic level where we are all one, modeling the behavior of someone/something you’d like to emulate.

Have you ever had a psychic moment, when you’re thinking of someone just before the phone rings with them calling, or you “know” that one of your children is in danger or hurt? This occurs in what King describes as the subjective experience, where everything is connected. In this worldview, everyone has ESP, “Extended Sensory Perceptions,” which can be enhanced using King’s exercises for more effective healing using techniques such as telepathic suggestions, creative visualization and energy balancing.

As an energy healer, I found the exercises, especially on how to increase your aura, both easy and effective. Whether you want to increase your own health and happiness, or work as a healer, this book clearly and concisely explains how to use the special shamanic tools available to us all. King has let out the secrets to shamanism!
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

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