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A Book To Lighten Your Day, Then Make You Think About Homelessness

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 1.30.00 PMA Street Cat Named Bob was a very sweet story about two homeless creatures, James Bowen and a ginger cat, finding each other and providing each other with unconditional love. More than that, it gave insight into James’ backstory – how he lost his way, became a heroin addict, and found his way back.

Without the “cuteness” of Street Cat Bob, he may never have made a living as a street performer or magazine seller – women were attracted to Bob and wanted to stroke his fur and hear his story and make contributions to his welfare. And James may never have received the help to totally get off addictive drugs and fight for a real life for himself. So yes, Bob did save James Bowen’s life. He found transformation in his life and health thanks to Bob. He wrote, “It was as if someone had drawn back the curtains and shed some sunlight into my life.”

Sure I like cats, but I found James’ backstory much more important. I liked the insights given into why James became a heroin addict – pure and simple loneliness was his explanation. He was alone without family or support, and heroin was his friend, allowed him to anesthetize himself to his isolation. He felt invisible to all those walking past him on the streets of London, until there was a pretty ginger cat on his shoulder.

As James sat playing his guitar on the street for money in Covent Garden, or then sold magazines outside the Islington Tube Station, James found that Bob stopped the rushing commuters, lightened their day, and also their pocketbooks. Bob has been a goldmine for James. And James has taken care of Bob in return. Nice, cute story. Now, how can we help all those homeless or helpless people in our society that we rush past, as there’s nothing soothing and purring there to look at? This book made me more aware of strays – whether animal or human – and I found it more valuable in that way than just as an entertaining read.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life

Unconditional Love – The Meaning of Life

Toward the end of Caroline Shearer’s anthology, Love Like GOD: Embracing Unconditional Love, she wonders, “What is the point of our existence?” and explains that the answer always comes down to love. “We are rewarded with a richer, fuller existence when we remember love,” writes Shearer, “and when we embrace it in all its forms.”

This book embraces teachings from many spiritual paths, ranging from Christianity to Hinduism to Huna.

Reading Shearer’s book will also reward the reader with an easier path to embracing love. As a self-proclaimed student of unconditional love, she compiled the musings of over 40 well-known authors, speakers, and regular people, who have discovered unconditional love and were willing to share their secrets. Each contribution is just a few pages long, but worthy of a lot of thought and practice if we want to make their advice on love come alive for us.

The chapters touch on subjects ranging from how to love ourselves, to learning how to love the unforgivable – as Lisa Gibson recounts how she reached out with love and forgiveness to the Libyan perpetrators of the terrorist attack that killed her brother on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. “Forgiveness is a direct path to unconditional love,” affirms Shearer.

Every chapter is preceded by Thoughts from Caroline, as well as an Affirmation that sums up the wisdom of the story we are about to read. Prior to Gibson’s chapter, Shearer writes, “Even in the face of unspeakable tragedy, love is greater… The knowledge that good can come from all, that good is in all, helps us make that choice.”

The starting point, as many of the contributors to the book point out, is to unconditionally love ourselves without judgment or criticism. Part of Shearer’s philosophy is that when we begin to love ourselves unconditionally, we see beautiful transformation in our lives, as one contributor recounts in her story of going from a manicurist to a millionaire.

“Through the empowerment of ourselves, we are able to empower others,” writes Shearer, in her introduction to Dr. Matthew B. James’ chapter on the Hawaiian Huna technique of Ho’oponopono, a process of forgiveness. “Forgiveness is not just a byproduct of learning to love unconditionally – it is a requirement for learning to truly love others and ourselves,” writes Dr. James.

Other chapters touch on how even disease, whether autism or Alzheimer’s, can be seen as a gift. “We erase pain when we are in a state of unconditional love,” writes Shearer.

There are also chapters on how to deal with addictions; what every husband should know in loving their wives; and how to put love ahead of everything, even your medical career.

Love Like GOD contains many, many quotations, affirmation and stories that make unconditional love seem possible for us all. They provide food for thought and action that can affect all our lives if we envision a world without fear,  judgment or pain.

Becca Chopra, author of Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras – Balance Your Life

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